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Shetland Bus Memorial at Scalloway
(designed by by Mr. D Cooper)

These pictures were kindly sent to be by David W. Earl, who took the pics himself. The long, narrow plaque says "The Shetland Bus 1940-1945". The small plaques have the inscription "Alt for Norge" (All for Norway), with some names of casualties underneath. I'm unable to read the names on the picture on the left (see external link below), but the picture on the right has the following: Harald Dye, Arthur Byrknes, Nils Horgen, Olav. L. Kinn, Olav Melkevik, Ole Strandkleiv, Kåre Støbakvik (all from Sandøy I), Bård O. Grotle, Schander Berg, Ivar L. Brekke, and Tore Frøysa (boat's name for the latter 4 was Aksel). The oldest was 27, while most of them were in their early to mid 20's, except for O. Strandkleiv, who was 19. All of them died in 1942. The plaque next to it has 12 more names, for whom the boat also looks like Aksel.

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The fishery No. inscribed on the boat at the top of the monument is N-97-BØ, which was Andholmen. In the summer of 2003 she was on her way to Scalloway for the unveiling of the memorial, but ran into trouble and very nearly sank.

According to the external site that I've linked to below, the boat on top was made by Alan Hart, from Sullom, while the memorial was built by Alan Smiles, of Shetland Stonecraft, with stones coming from Shetland Bus sites in Shetland (Catfirth, Kergord, Lerwick, Lunna and Scalloway), as well as from all the 24 Norwegian districts which were home to the 44 Shetland Bus men who lost their lives.

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