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 Lady Nancy 
Sailboat, which departed Kolbjørnsvik, Arendal on May 28-1940 with 4 people, and arrived Grimsby on June 3, towed by a British trawler. Owner was Reidar Stray, Arendal, who came along on the voyage. They experience bad weather and found the boat to be leaking, but managed to stuff some fabric into the leaking areas with the helpf of kitchen knives. Later they were observed by a German bomber, but by pretending to be fishing, they escaped being caught.

The following were on board:
Reidar Stray, Fredrik Aaraas and 2 more (1 of whom was from Nordland, another from Fredrikstad).

 M/S Laila (SF 83 SU) 
Left Solund on Apr. 8-1942 with 10 people, arriving Lerwick on Apr. 9.

On board were:
Skipper Sverre Kverhellen, Jakobine Johansen*, Bernhard Kvalvik, Magnus Johan Kvalvik, Kai Nielsen, Hans Konradsen, Harald Marthinusen, Ester Pedersen*, Sjur Olai Ludvigsen, Ola Pedersen Utvær.

* These 2 ladies had attempted to escape in another boat from Austevoll in May the previous year, but encountered a storm and were forced to return.

 M/S Laugen (SF 88 B) 
Left Bremanger on Aug. 14-1941 with 16 people, arriving Lerwick on the 17th.

These were on board:
Skipper Knut Ulriksen, Lorentz Bakke, Odd Paul Eide, Sigmund Eikeset, Magnus Krogenes, Odd Ask Natvig, Trygve Karl Nilsen, Jørgen Nødseth, Audun Rylandsholm, Reidar Salberg, Øistein Sandal, Eiliv Skarstein *, Erling Ulriksen, Olav Birger Urvig, Olav Kornelius Valberg, Erling Vårdal.

* Eiliv Skarstein briefly joined D/S Norse King in Oct.-1941 (as Able Seaman) for a voyage to New York, before going to Radio School in London from Dec.-1941 until June-1942, at which time he joined Spica as radio operator. From June-1943 till Aug./Sept.-1946 he served on M/S Kronprinsen. My Guestbook has a message from his son, who has sent me this info.

 M/S Leda (H 1 MF) 
Departed Masfjorden on Sept. 1-1941 with 27 people, arriving Lerwick on Sept. 4.

These came along:
Skipper Monrad Kvinge, Nils G. Amundsen, Louis Danielsen, Odd Engebrektsen, Olav Farnes, Billy Fortun, Øivind Gjertsen, Sverre Hallervik, Otto Hansen, Gert Strindberg Heide, Johanne Hollevik, Karl Johannesen, Fredrik Kayser, Anfinn Konow, Magda Kvinge, Magnus Lid, Arne Lindtner, Gudrun Lindtner, Einar Krogh Nilsen, Ulf Ottesen, Albert Rognøy, Sverre Sandnes, Karl Sebak, Ingebrigt Valderhaug, Ragnar Wiik, Karl Øyjorden, Tomas Ådland.

 M/S Leiv (SF 53 SV) 
Left Måløy in May-1940 with 18 people, 14 of whom were British soldiers, the rest Norwegians. Skipper was Th. Melkevik. The voyage was organized by the owner, Adolf Kvalheim, Måløy. Experienced motor trouble out at sea and had to return to the coast, landing at Bremanger, where 1 of the Norwegians went ashore, while the rest stayed on board for the 2nd attempt, which succeeded, and they arrived Shetland safely.

 M/B Lill 
Left Ålesund on June 24-1941 with 14 people. Lill had tried to get across previously, but had experienced motor trouble and her passengers had continued the voyage on board Nordhav. Lill had motor problems on this journey as well and had to sail, the voyage lasting about 6 days (organized by Sverre Nielsen's group).

On board were:
Arne Ingard Andersen, Arnolf Barstad, Per Brandal, Anton Oskar Dale, Thore Iversen Dale, Aud Herfjord*, Aslaug Kiran, Inge Tobias Kiran, Hugo Gustav Reinholdt Leine, Odd Rovde Lindhjem, Perry Arne Tynes, Eirik Vilster, Else Marie Wartdal*, Kåre Øien.

* These 2 had boyfriends who had escaped earlier that spring, and a double wedding was held shortly after the girls had arrived.

 M/S Lilly (H 16 HJ) 
Left Hernar early in the spring of 1941 with a group of young fellows on board (the boat was stolen). Once at sea, they encountered a storm and the motor stopped. They did not get it started again until the 6th day and headed to Bergen where they were assisted by a merchant, then went to Tælavåg in order to get help to go west again. But the contact felt it was better to send them back home, and they went ashore at Hernar. Several of them escaped again when Lilly was stolen a second time in the fall of 1941, while 1 of them got away with Arnafjord.

Lilly's second attempt took place on Aug. 25-1941 with 9 people, and arrived Lerwick on the 27th, following a difficult crossing.

On board at that time board were:
Harald Knudsen, Ingvald Ingvaldsen Hernar, Martinius Antonsen Hernar, Karsten Kristiansen, Sigvald Magnusen, Malvin Monsen, Ditlef Monstad, Hilmar Nilsen, Harald Wilhelmsen.

Passenger/cargo vessel. Left Bergen of Febr. 11-1941 with 7 people, arriving Lerwick on Febr. 19. Stolen from the Germans.

These were on board:
Skipper Jacob Stendahl, Sverre Bergh, Hugo Haraldsen (Army Leutenant), Håkon Marthinsen, Aksel Winge Prebensen, Jacob Andreas Stendahl, Eianr Nord Stenersen (Army Sergeant), Ragnar Strandenes.

 M/S Lindøy (H 3 S) 
Left Tælavåg on Aug. 11-1941 with 15 people, arrived Lerwick on Aug. 12.

On board were:
Skipper Olav Glesnes, Ingolf Berge, Arthur Hamre, Konrad Kaspersen, Hans Midttvedt, Nils Midttvedt, Thomas Midttvedt, Reidar Stensland, Harald Telle, Konrad Telle, Magnus Telle, Peder Telle, Thoms Telle, Joleiv Øvretvedt, Martin Øvretvedt.

 M/S Liv (H 11 B) 
Departed Urangsvåg on Apr. 21-1941 with 4 people, reached Lerwick on Apr. 23. This voyage had come about at short notice, the skipper having found out that a man he had promised help to get across to England was, in fact, a Gestapo agent.

On board were:
Mons Habbestad, his brothers Gunnar and Jonas and their friend Herman Habbestad. The oldest was 21 years old.

 M/B Livlig
Left Eikefjord, Sunnfjord on May 28-1940 with 14 people, including 11 British soldiers. (Livlig was purchased from the owner, Johan Aks in Eikefjord). Skipper was Anton Lammetun, engineer Sigred Sandvik. The boat arrived Shetland safely.

 M/B Lom (M 216 HØ) 
Departed Herøy on July 10-1944 with 6 people, all fishermen from Herøy, arriving Shetland on July 12.

On board were:
Erling Anton Aursnes, John Oskar Kvalsund, Magnus Bjarne Kopperstad, Odd Reidulf Kopperstad, Herlof Varholm and 1 more.

 M/B Loyal 
24', left Hellestakken light south of Fedje on Aug. 12-1941 with 5 people. (The boat had been hired for a short fishing trip).

These came along:
Lars Hosteland, Alfred Leonard Langøy*, Arne Riisnes, Johan Riisnes (the organizer of the voyage), Johannes Ådnekvamme.

* Alfred Langøy came rowing past when the boat had stopped in Rongevær, and jumped on board when he found out where they were headed. A couple of days later the engine stopped due to shortage of fuel, but they sewed 4 blankets together with the help of a fishing hook and line and used it as a sail. In the morning of Aug. 16 there was no wind and they remained drifting. A trawler passed them 2-3 miles off that afternoon without seeing them. That evening they say a light blinking to the west and rowed towards it as their last hope of rescue, and while doing so a ship came out of the dark, then another, followed by several more. It turned out they had ended up in a convoy, and were picked up by an escort vessel and taken to Edinburg.

 M/G Lur 
Departed Bergen on May 18-1941 with 5 people, arriving Lerwick the next day.

On board were:
Arthur Fosse, John Gill, Ingrid Martens-Nilsen, Solveig Mikkelsen, Pål Sundt.

There had been more that 5 people to begin with. They had originally intended to leave with a 40', 20 hp motorboat purchased in Nordhordland, but the boat had turned out to be useless. Having tried in vain to cancel the purchase, the group (15-20 people) bought a vessel in Austevoll, namely M/S Slotterø (H 31 AV), which left on May 5-1941, but experiencing motor trouble and a bad compass they had to return that same night. They left again the following day, but again the motor gave them problems. A sail was raised while trying to repair the motor, and when this proved unsuccessful they returned to shore, arriving Møkster that same afternoon. Some of the passengers returned to Bergen, while the ship was towed to a slip, and a couple of days later it was ready for another attempt. However, those who had gone to Bergen did not come back, so the 5 who were left wanted to leave by themselves. But again the motor gave them trouble. One of the participants, John Gill went to Bergen where he managed to get hold of enough money to purchase another boat, then returned to Møkster. Lur, a brand new 28' vessel was subsequently purchased.

 M/S Lygrefjord (H 31 F) 
Left Fjell on Aug. 26-1941 with 34 people, 4 of whom were women and 2 children, arriving Lerwick on Aug. 28.

On board were:
Skipper and owner Jens Lønøy, his wife Borghild and sons Håkon (born 1931) and Sverre (born 1928), Frithjof Apelthun, Oscar Bildøy, Nils Blommenfjeld, Gudrun Dalen, Aksel Davanger, Jakob Karlsen Fjeld, Karl Fjeld, Leif Fjeld, Reidar Fjeld, Sverre Nilsen Fjeld, Ivar Johannes Grindheim, Adolf Helleseth, Peder Andersen Kobbeltvedt, Olav Leirvik, Agnes Lokøen, the owner's brother, Halvard Lønøy*, Karl Lønøy, Thomas Jacobsen Lønøy, Mathias Mjåtveit, Gunhild Møvig, Kjell Stub Møvik, Lars Møvig, Frithjof Ivar Rogde, Gunnar Gams Steine, Anton Strømme, Ingvald Strømme, Oskar Strømme, Nils Thorsen, Nils Ulveseth, Odd Normann Ulveseth. I've been told (by a descendant) that Jens Lønøy received the Royal Medal of Honor after the war.

* See my text for Sjøglimt.

My Guestbook has a message from someone who says he was the owner of this ship in 1980, Arne Gundersen.

 M/B Lyn (R 28 H) 
Departed the Haugesund area around Apr. 10-1945, arriving Kirkwall on Apr. 13.

Skipper was Nils Mikkelsen, Haugesund.

 M/B Lyrnes (B 78 B) 
Left Bergen on Aug. 26-1941 with 6 people, arrived Lerwick on Aug. 29.

These came along:
Skipper and owner Bjarne Storås, Per Blytt, Johan Breien, Kristian Friis Låding, Odd Grønfur Olsen, Anker Øgård.

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