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Updates 2001-2002

Updates starting 2006
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2005 Updates:

Dec. 31-2005:
Have added some more Norway-U.K. convoys (ON 10, ON 14/HN 14 [reports only], as well as HN 15, HN 16, HN 17 and HN 18).
Pictures of Bonn, Madrono and Acasta.

Dec. 26:
Convoy HG 20F has been updated.
Several pictures have been added (Annik, Nore, Biscaya, Komet, Løvaas, Arktos, Cetus, Bonneville, Beaufort, crew of Kosmos).
Added the text from a newspaper article re. Utnøring, and some more vessels to the Homefleet section (Sport, Oscar, Hval, Louise 2).
At the beginning of the year, will start working on Convoys HX 274, HX 275, HX 276, HX 277, HX 278, HX 279 and HX 280. I've also received some RU convoys, which will be added as soon as I can - they are listed on the Arctic Convoys page.

Dec. 17:
Convoys HG 21, HG 22, HG 23.

Dec. 15:
Convoys HG 18F, HG 18, HG 19F, HG 20F (incomplete info), HG 20.

Dec. 9:
Convoys HG 16F, HG 16 and HG 17F.

Dec. 1:
Norway-U.K. convoys HN 10, HN 10B and HN 11.

Nov. 29:
Convoys HG 10, HG 11, HG 13F, HG 13 and HG 15F have been added.

Nov. 25:
Convoys HG 3, HG 4, HG 5, HG 6, HG 7, HG 8 and HG 9 are now available via the Convoy Index Page.

Nov. 21:
Convoys ON 35, ON 36 and ON 37 have been uploaded.

Nov. 17:
Convoys ON 32, ON 33 and ON 34 are in place.
Pictures of (paintings) Ferncastle, Nortun, Norvik.

Nov. 9:
Convoy ON 30 has now been completed. Have also added Convoy ON 31, though there's very little information available for this convoy.

Nov. 6:
Convoys ON 19, ON 20 and ON 26 have been uploaded. Currently working on ON 30.

Nov. 1:
Convoys WS 21 and WS 21P (troop convoys) and ON 15 have been uploaded. Have also added Norwegian Convoy ON 9 (very little info) as well as a summary of HMS Inglefield's report to my already existing page on Convoy HN 9A. All these can be found through the Convoy Index page, link under Updates for Oct. 15.

Oct. 30:
Continuing my little break from convoys, while adding more details from misc. sinking reports to my pages about Norwegian ships sunk. I've taken the time in between to add Convoys HG 1, HG 26F and ON 14. Will now turn my full attention to convoys again.

Oct. 21:
I have taken a break from convoys this week, but that does not mean I've been idle. I've been concentrating my efforts on adding information from a heap of sinking reports and other bits and pieces that have been waiting patiently in my "work on later" folder for ages.
I have, however, added summaries of reports covering the passage of Norway-U.K (and back) Convoys HN 8 and ON 8.

Oct. 15:
Convoys ON 122, ON 123, ON 124, ON 125, ON 126 and ON 128 are now in place in my Convoys section.

Oct. 10:
Convoys HG 23F and HG 25F have been updated (previous info was incomplete).
Added another picture of Stalheim.

Oct. 8:
HX 255 and HX 256 have been completed, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys has been updated accordingly.
Also added picture of Solferino.

Oct. 5:
HX 254 has been uploaded, and cruising order added for Convoy ON 181.

Oct. 1:
Convoy HX 253 is finished; also added Convoys AP 3/AB 1, AP 50/AB 18, PA 54/PB 57, and CM 37.
Currently working on HX 254.

Sept. 29:
Convoys HG 23F, HG 25F and OA 105 (OG 21) have been added, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys updated.
Have also added 2 more Norway-U.K. convoys (Narvik-Methil 2 and HN 7 - report only available for the latter).
Currently working on HX 253.

Sept. 27:
Convoys FP 1 (Port Said) and UC 21 (U.K.-New York), BHX 67, BHX 107, BHX 108, BHX 110 have been added.

Sept. 25:
HX 252 has now been uploaded (includes several reports).
Some old convoys have also been updated (HX 59, HX 60, HX 61, HX 62, HX 66, HX 102, HX 103, HX 104, HX 106, HX 107, HX 111).

Sept. 21:
Convoys HX 251, KJ 2 and KJ 3 are in place in the Convoys section, and the text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys has been updated.
Currently working on HX 252.

Sept. 18:
Added all of Santos' war voyages to the page about this ship.
Convoys OA 92, OA 98GF (w/OB 98), OA 99 and OA 100 have been uploaded.

Sept. 17:
Added picture of Stalheim.
Convoy HX 250, and HXF 18.

Sept. 15:
I've now uploaded Convoy HX 249, as well as OB 275, OB 286 and OB 287.

Sept. 12:
Convoy ON 261 has been added.
Updated Convoys HX 51 and HX 52.
Added collision report for Norse King/Ferdinand Bol.
Several pictures of Thorshøvdi
Added more text under Convoy PQ 14.
Currently working on Convoy HX 249.

Sept. 9:
Convoys ON 212, ON 224 and GN 32 have been added to the Convoys section, as well as a report on ON 181.

Sept. 6:
Convoy HX 248 is now in place.
The Norway-U.K. and U.K.-Norway Convoys section has been heavily updated. Also added a page giving some info on convoys attacked by aircraft (can be reached through the link to HN or ON convoys below).

Sept. 2:
Have added Convoy HX 247 to the Convoys section and updated text for all Norw. ships sailing in them. Have also uploaded a complete list of HN Convoys (Norway-U.K.) and ON convoys (U.K.-Norway) with departure and arrival dates, as well as page listing escorts for same.
(Currently working on HX 248).

Aug. 29:
Have added Convoy PQ 14 to Arctic Convoys section.
Convoys ON 202/ONS 18 has been added (w/several reports on passage).
Pictures of Venus, Fram, Minister Wedel, Brajara, Cadmus, Fagersten, Gylfe and Hav.
Updated text for all Norwegian ships sailing in Mike Holdoway's newly added SL convoys (starting with SL 113 - external link).
Have updated Links pages,
and as usual, bits and pieces all over the site.

Aug. 21:
Another story has been added to the Warsailor Stories section.
HX 246 has been uploaded, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys has been updated accordingly.
Added pictures of Hardanger and Falkanger.
Updated page about Vinni (people on picture have been identified, and more pictures added)
+ bits and pieces all over the site (pre war and post war info that I did not have before etc. etc.).

Aug. 16:
Convoy PQ 13 and HX 245 have been added. Currently working on HX 246.

Aug. 5:
Convoy HX 126 has been added (includes several reports). Also, several more Norway/U.K-U.K.-Norway convoys have been uploaded to the Convoys section, and HN 24 has been updated with more information.
Have also updated crew list for Oria.

July 15:
Convoy HX 244, ON 3 and ON 4 have been uploaded to the Convoys section. Currently working on HX 126.
Have also added some Norway-U.K and U.K.-Norway Convoys (an un-numbered Narvik-Methil Convoy, as well as Convoy HN 1, and some info on HN 2 and ON 1)
and a LOT of bits and pieces all over the site.

July 1:
Convoy HX 240, HX 241, HX 242 and HX 243 have been added, HX 244 will be uploaded soon.
More info for Willy.

June 25:
Convoy HX 238, HX 239 have been uploaded.

June 15:
Convoys HX 235, HX 236, and HX 237 are in place, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in them updated accordingly.
Information added for M/S Cypria (had nothing on this ship before).

June 5:
Pictures and some more details re. the post war loss of Marga. Pictures of Buenos Aires, Fagerfjell, Jotunfjell, as well as of Thomas Patrick Shaw, whose life we're trying to piece together - please see Hallfried. If anyone can assist, please contact me! (address on the Hallfried page and at the bottomof this page).
Have now added names of escort vessels for all the Arctic convoys included on this site, as well as a list of allied warship losses and German losses in these convoys.
Have received convoys HX 235-HX 244, which will be added in due course.

May 30:
Convoys HX 312 and HX 313 are in place (and text for Norwgian ships in them updated).
Several pictures of Mosli, as well as Kong Harald.

May 24:
Convoys HX 309, HX 310, and HX 311 have been uploaded, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in them updated.
Another story added to the Norwegian version of Warsailor stories.
Several broken links have been fixed, and bits and pieces added all over the site.

May 17:
Convoys HX 306 and HX 308, as well as ON 270 have been uploaded, and text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys updated.

May 11:
Convoys HX 303, HX 304 and HX 305 are in place in the Convoys section.

May 5:
Convoy HX 302 is in place, and my text for all Norwegian ships sailing in recently added convoys updated.
Added picture of (a painting of) Lysaker (Homefleet), several more pictures from the lifeboats of Sørholt, pictures of Suderøy VI and Suderøy.
I've also updated my text for all the Norwegian ships listed in Mike Holdoways new section about SL convoys (external link).
Adding the pilot's report re. torpedo attack on Høegh Hood, and working on ConvoyHX 303.

May 1:
Convoy HX 301 is now online.
Added report on Convoy SC 7 by HMS Leith's commanding officer, as well as a survivor's report for Fiscus.

Apr. 26:
Convoys HX 296, HX 297, HX 298, HX 299 and HX 300 have been uploaded.

Apr. 16:
Convoy HX 314 has been uploaded.
Pictures added of:
Hamlet, Brynje, Brandanger, Borgestad, Austvard, Athos, Aramis, Fernlane, Fernbrook, Fernplant, Fernmoor, Daghild, Concordia, Chr. Knudsen, Mosdale, Minerva, Maud, Scebeli, Høyanger, Segundo, Vinland, Tercero, Primero, Rigel, Regina, Siljestad, Noreg, Skagerak, Skjelbred, Slemmestad, Somerville, Sørvard, Sir Osborn Holmden, Thalatta and Teneriffa (as well as 3 pictures of Norwegian seamen's graves in Bristol - Slemmestad, Strix and Sollund, and another for casualties of Tabor, buried at Bredasdorp).

Apr. 11:
A LOT of maintenance work has been done on the site in the past couple of weeks (broken links fixed, pictures added etc. etc.).
Have also added more info on, and a picture of, Nyco, and some more details on President de Vogue, with the correct picture added (the picture previously on that page turns out to be the ex Nyco, and can now be found on that page).
Convoy CU 31 has been added to the Convoys section, currently working on HX 314.

March 31:
Some more info for Granville, Fernglen, Roseville, Stirlingville.
Also, I've received several pictures from the Historical Department, MAN B&W Diesel, Copenhagen, and have added them to the site. The pictures are of: Garonne (incl. pic of engine), Hallingdal, Heina, Heranger, Herborg, Herstein, Høegh Merchant, Høegh Silvercrest, Høegh Silverdawn, and Høegh Silverstar. (The quickest way to find them is through the Pictures of Ships page).

March 26:
Convoys HX 224, HX 225, HX 226 and ONS 5 have been uploaded.

March 20:
Convoy HX 220, HX 221, HX 222. Updates for Convoy HX 223 (Commodore's notes).
Pictures of Cresco, Ferndale, Myken and Eidsvold.

March 15:
Convoy HX 217, HX 218, HX 219 (text for all Norw. ships updated)
Another story added to the Norwegian "Warsailor Stories" section.

March 10:
Convoys HX 214, HX 215, HX 216, names of ships in ON 99, ON 169, ONS 11, and KMS 22 (and updated the text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly) - report on attack on OG 47.

March 4:
Convoys HX 213, SC 148, SC 149, SC 150, SC 151, SC 152, SC 153, SC 154 and SC 155 added to Convoys section (and updates to SC 146), and updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly.

March 1:
Have added convoys HX 212, ON 170, SC 144, SC 145, SC 146, SC 147 (and updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly).
Post war picture of D/S Borgfred, when named Tarva.
Picture of memorial stone for casualties of Tabor, and picture of a painting of Hermod and her captain.
Information on British awards to Norwegian seaman from several ships (Høegh Hood, John Bakke, Kaia Knudsen, Kongsgaard, Lidvard, Marga).

Febr. 25:
I've now added:
Convoy HX 211
Also updated my information for Convoy SC 136.
James Stove survivors report.
Pictures of paintings of Emma Bakke and Alf Lindeberg as post war Sunrose.

Febr. 23:
I've now added:
Convoys SC 137, SC 138, SC 139, SC 140, SC 141, SC 142, SC 143, HX 210 (and updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly)
Picture of Hallanger.

Febr. 19:
I've added:
Convoys SC 17, SC 19, HX 209 (and updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly).
Picture of painting of Goya (Homefleet section)

Febr. 14:
Convoys SC 135 and SC 136, as well as Convoy HX 208 (incl. Commodore's report on passage for the latter), have been completed (and updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly). Currently working on HX 209.
Added more details for Arne Kjøde.

Febr. 11:
Convoys SC 128, SC 129, SC 130, SC 131, SC 132, SC 133 and SC 134 are now available in Convoys section. (Have updated text for all the Norwegian ships in these convoys accordingly)
Added pictures (of paintings) of Harpefjell, Skottland and Trondhjemsfjord.

Febr. 7:
I've updated my pages for Convoys SC 66, SC 67 and SC 70. Convoys SC 125, SC 126 and SC 127 have been added.

Febr. 6:
More information has now been added to my pages about Convoys HX 200 through HX 207.

Febr. 3:
Convoys SC 100, SC 101, SC 122, HX 206, HX 207, HX 229 and HX 229 A are in place in the convoys section.

Jan 28:
The following convoys have been completed:
SC 97, SC 98, SC 99, HX 194, HX 195, HX 196, HX 197, HX 198, HX 199, HX 200, HX 201, HX 204 and HX 205 (commodore's notes are being added).

Jan 23:
Convoys SC 95, SC 96, HX 191, HX 192 and HX 193 have been completed and uploaded. Will continue adding HX convoys up until Aug.-1942 convoys, then turn my attention to the Aug.-1942 SC convoys again.

Jan 21:
Convoys SC 76 through SC 84 have been added to the convoys section.

Jan 15:
I have completed Convoys HX 325, HX 326, HX 327, HX 328 and HX 329.

Jan 10:
Convoys HX 319, HX 320, HX 321, HX 323 and HX 324 have been completed and uploaded to the Convoys section.

Jan 5:
Convoys HX 202, HX 315, HX 316, HX 317 and HX 318 are in place (more to come).
More details added for Nidarholm.

Jan 1-2005:
Wishing you all the very best for the new year!
The Holidays were spent catching up on work that does not require too much from my brain cells, like fixing links (oodles and oodles of them), adding some dimensions here, technical details there, and in general a good tidying up of the site - usually "invisible" to others, but necessary and quite time consuming work.
I've also added Convoys HX 21 and HX 32, as well as nationalities of ships in quite a few convoys for which I had not listed nationalities previously.

2004 Updates:

Dec 17-2004:
Convoys HX 103 and HX 104 have been uploded.
Added some more information on the aircraft attack on Eikhaug, as well as a damage report for Spinanger.

Dec 13:
Convoys HX 96 and HX 97, HX 99, HX 100, HX 101 and HX 102 are now in place.

Nov 27:
AST for for HX 91 has been uploaded and Convoys HX 92, HX 93, HX 94 and HX 95 have been added.
Pictures added of: Ima, Blia, Fjordheim, as well as pictures of paintings of Norefjord (when Ryvarden), Borgsten, Tourcoing, Knute Nelson, Moshill, Rigel and Golar Patricia (one of my father's ships, post war).

Nov 25:
Advance Sailing Telegrams mentioned below have been completed and uploaded, as well well as same for Convoy HX 90 (plus more reports for this convoy).
Presently working on AST for Convoy HX 91, and will add Convoy HX 92.

Nov 18:
I have added:
Information on Convoy FS 33
Advance Sailing Telegrams for Convoys HX 121, HX 122, HX 130. Will now do the same for HX 123, HX 124, HX 125 and HX 129.
Convoys HX 136, HX 137, HX 138, HX 139 have also been completed and uploaded. (All these convoys can be reached through the convoy Index page)
...and as usual, have worked on "bits & pieces" all over the site.

Nov 7:
The site and forums are no up again after about a week of downtime due to a server hard disk crash.
Convoy HX 135 has been uploaded.

Nov 3:
Convoys mentioned below have been uploaded, working on HX 135, HX 136, HX 137, HX 138, HX 139.
Picture of Besholt added.

Oct. 29:
Have uploaded Convoy HX 234 and HX 131 - working on HX 132, HX 133, and HX 134 which has a very long report (will also be adding Advance Sailing Telegram for HX 9, whch has some vessels not included on the A 1 form already added to this site).
Pictures of Beau, Danio (when Canasta), Nordnes (when Gudveig), Sophocles (when Skauvann) and Solgry.

Oct. 23:
Several more HX convoys have been added (among them HX 125, HX 127, HX 129, as well as Convoy HX 90 reports and some additional details on Convoys HX 128 and HX 130). Also added info on Convoy WS 12, and cruising order for SC 48.
Added picture of Slemmestad and Christian Michelsen.

Oct. 10:
Convoys HX 1, HX 70, HX 71 (reports only), HX 80, HX 81, HX 82, HX 83 have been added.
Pictures of Belray, Gro, Polarland and Solheim.

Oct. 1:
Crew list added for Navarra.
More details for Granli (report on rescue of survivors from Empire Volunteer and HMS Dundee).
More text for Randsfjord (report of interview with the steward).

Sept. 29:
Convoys HX 118, HX 119, and HX 120 are in place, as well as OB 169.
Have finished fixing all my links to the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern (if you discover that I've missed some, it would be so great if you could let me know!). No rest for the wicked though, because in the process I noticed that my links to Arendals Damskibsselskap's website no longer work - anyone know where that site went?
Pictures have been added of San José, Leka, Kul, Fager, Fantoft, Miranda, Granfos and Seimstrand.

Sept. 24:
Another story has been added to the "Warsailor Stories section.
Several more HX convoys have been uploaded, as well as an account on Convoy TM 1.
More text added for Tres.
And misc. all over the site.

Sept. 15:
Another story has been added to the Norwegian section of Warsailor Stores.
More HX convoys have been added to the Ships in Atlantic Convoys section (working on HX 66, HX 78, HX 111 and HX 112).
A survivor report has been added to text for Eikhaug.

Sept. 9:
Continuing to fix the links to the Memorial in Stavern (almost done).
Pictures have been added of Ivaran, Balzac, K. G. Meldahl, Tropic Star, as well as some Homefleet ships.
A few more HX convoys have been uploaded.
More info has been added to the text for Snestad.

Sept. 4:
I have a LOT of external links on this site. This is all well and fine as long as those sites remain unchanged, but when they do get altered, my links no longer work. I paid my price recently when I had to alter all my links to various pages within the Australian War Memorial site, and am now paying an even higher price, as I have to change all my links to the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern (I have hundreds of them), which has recently changed their site. I could, of course, simply link to the main page, but since the site is in Norwegian, that would leave out all my English speaking visitors, who might not be able to perform effective searches to find the correct casualty list, so I've chosen to go through them all and change all my individual links. This will take me a while, so bear with me.
Convoys HX 69 and HX 85 are completed and uploaded.

Aug 30:
Pictures have been added of Harboe Jensen, Dageid, Talisman, Thalatta, Tijuca, Triton and Tudor.
Working on Convoys HX 69, HX 73, HX 74, HX 75, HX 76, HX 78.

Aug 14:
Several more HX convoys have been added, as well as Convoy SC 7. More will be uploaded soon.

July 14:
The convoys mentioned below have been completed and uploaded.
Pictures of Castor, Ursa, Kristianiafjord and Vilja (1942) have been added.
More info for Steinstad
And misc.

July 6:
The convoys mentioned below have now been uploaded. Presently working on HX 25, HX 26, HX 27, HX 28, HX 29, HX 41, HX 42, HX 43, HX 44, HX 46, HX 47, HX 48.
Some cruising orders for Arctic convoys have been added.
Added pictures of Mimer, Mosdale, Brimanger, Dagfred, Grado, Manx, Benjamin Franklin, Heina, Ranja, Ravnaas, Vestvard.
More info added for Tempo.
Bits and pieces of details added all over the site.

June 5:
All available crew lists and summaries of maritime declarations have now been added. At the same time, added a summary of the captain's report with regard to the capture of Tropic Sea (Victims of Orion).
Turning my attention to various items that have been waiting patiently in my "Work on later" folder, including the convoys mentioned below.

May 28:
Crew lists have been added for ships up to and including Te (Nortraships ships that were sunk only).
Presently working on convoys HX 2, HX 3, HX 4, HX 17, HX 30, HX 31, HX 33, HX 34, HX 35, HX 36, HX 37, HX 38, HX 39, HX 40.
Convoys mentioned below have been uploaded.

May 11:
Have added pictures of Skum, Solaas, Storsten, Svolder , Tunni, Vav, Vestfos and Takstaas.
Cruising orders have been added for Convoys HX 5, HX 7 and HX 7 (Convoys HX 8, HX 9, HX 10, HX 15, HX 16 and HX 19 are almost done and will be uploaded soon).
Crew lists have been added for ships starting with Sa-Sc.

May 4:
Cruising orders for Convoys HX 12, HX 13 and HX 14 and OB 288 have been added.
Crew lists added for Nortraship ships (sunk) starting with P and R (added summaries of statements at maritime inquiry/Ravnanger), and crew list for Svein Jarl.
Pictures added of Arcturus (1910), Askild, Aun, Bianca, Britta, Elise, Elsa, Enid, Nesttun, Nina Borthen, Pollux, Rolf Jarl, Norvinn, Ophir, Profit, Raila, Ranja and Senator.

Apr. 26:
Crew lists and more information added for ships starting with O (including Oslofjord), Pan Norway and Pericles.
Pictures of Fjordaas, Tugela, Kvernaas, Rimfakse, Skotfoss, Solstad, Sommerstad, Athene, Buesten, Hilda, Morgenen, Nyholm, Pluto, Tres, and Storfjeld.
Some info on Convoy SLS 64
Some additional details for Sangstad, Takstaas, Vestfoss, Jern and Dagrun.
Have fnally taken some time out to tidy up the "Interned Ships" section (just a temporary solution).

Apr. 20:
Crew lists and more information added for ships starting with L, M and N, as well as for Randsfjord and others.
Cruising order for Convoy HX 49 added.
And as usual "bits & pieces all over the site", incl. more pictures, more homefleet ships etc.

Apr. 3:
Crew lists added for Nortraship ships (those that were sunk only) up to and including the K-ships, as well as for Talabot, Tudor, Thermopylæ, Stigstad, N. T. Nielsen Alonso, Thode Fagelund. (When I add these crew lists, I also add more text for each ship).
Story added to Warsailor Stories.
Also, updates to the Homefleet section (more ships added).

March 16:
Crew lists have been added for Nortraships ships through Ships starting with He (only those that were sunk).
More text added for Vivi (and picture), Bañaderos, Sandar, Leiv Eiriksson (+ more pictures), Kaldfonn, Washington Express.

Febr. 17:
Continuing to add crew lists for Nortraship vessels sunk - have done so up to and including ships starting with C - as well as some ships starting with other letters as per request. Have also added the names of non-Norwegian seamen taking part in the "Kvarstad Ships" breakout (Operation Performance). Some updates to the Homefleet as well, with several more ships added.

Febr. 2:
Currently trying to tidy up the POW's pages, while at the same time adding more information to the various ships listed there (more has been added to Dukat, Hafthor and Tennessee). Have also finished adding crew lists for the Norwegian ships captured by German raiders.

Jan 29:
Several more crew lists have been added, including lists for all the ships in the section listing the ships captured by the German Raiders (except for ships captured by Thor).

Jan 23:
Continuing to add crew lists/survivors/casualties lists, generally following the alphabet (have gotten as far as the middle of the 2nd B page, but have made several side steps to other letters of the alphabet, due to E-mail requests). These new additions means that I've had to re-organize the Survivors/Fatalities section. I've removed all the casualty lists from that section and placed them in the text to each individual ship, so that all available info on a ship is now assembled on one and the same page. The crew lists will be accessible from the text to a given ship in the alphabetical lists.

Jan 3-2004:
Several crew and/or casualty lists have been added for Nortraship vessels starting with A (up to and including Ariadne).
More text has been added to text under Lidvard.

2003 Updates:

Dec. 31-2003:
I have now started the process of adding crew lists, summary of statements from maritime hearings etc. to text for Nortraship vessels in cases where I did not have this information previously. Getting it all done will take me a while, but sooner or later it will all be added. I've started with the A's and have gotten as far as Alcides.

Dec. 28:
The new section listing the small boats that escaped from Norway during the war has (tentatively) been uploaded, but there's still a lot of work to be done on it. As mentioned below, I've entitled this section The Shetland Bus, though not all the vessels were used in that capacitiy after they had reached freedom.

Dec. 25:
Those of you who are regular visitors to my various forums will have noticed that as of yesterday was moved to a new server. Please do let me know if you spot any peculiarities in the site after this transfer, so that I can fix it.

I haven't been very good at keeping you informed of all the updates lately, but I've done a lot of work on the site since I last posted here. For instance, several ships have gotten their own individual page; that includes Homefleet ships as well. The easiest place to find them all is via the Master Ship Index.

Also, several ships have been added to the Homefleet section (thanks to T. Eriksen), and a whole heap of new pictures that I've obtained permission to scan from my fleet lists (links to them can easily be found on the Pictures of Ships page, or simply in the text to each individual ship in the ship lists).

I've also been working on a new section, listing all the small boats that escaped from Norway to England as well as the names of those who were on board each boat - this section, which I've entitled the "Shetland Bus" will be uploaded as soon as I get everything correctly linked up.

Additionally, thanks to Narve Sørensen in Sandefjord who gave me a very generous Christmas gift of 2 new books published by the Maritime Museum in Oslo, I can now start adding crew lists for each ship in the Nortraship fleet, as well as summaries of survivors' statements and maritime hearings etc. This should be helpful to many visitors, as I often get questions pertaining to crew lists. I've already obtained permission from the museum to use these books for my website.

So all in all, 2004 will not find me idle by any means!

Aug. 27:
M/T Vav's, M/T Velma's, M/T Vilja's, M/S Vito's and M/T Vivi's war voyages have been added.

Aug. 26:
More details on M/S Skagerak's, M/T Vanja's and Kattegat's war voyages have been added.
Have also added names of Norwegian seamen killed on foreign ships who commemorated at Tower Hill.

Aug. 18:
More information added for M/S Dagrun and M/S Hav. More info on M/T John P. Pedersen's war voyages.

Aug. 17:
More details added for Dageid, Dagfred and Daghild (on individual pages - links can be found on the Ships starting with D page).

Aug. 10:
Convoys SC 71 through SC 75 have been added.

Aug. 9:
Convoys SC 66, SC 68, SC 69 and SC 70 have been added to the Atlantic Convoys section.

July 31:
Convoys HX 181 through HX 190 have been added to the Ships in Atlantic Convoys section.

This website has just undergone a major overhaul and "spring cleaning". Due to the ever increasing length of the ships lists, I've found it necessary to split them in two. One section primarily lists ships that were requisitioned by The Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission in Apr.-1942. It also includes ships sold to other countries in 1939, ships sunk during the neutrality period, before the Germans invaded Norway on Apr. 9-1940, some vessels that sailed under the Panamanian flag (with Norwegian managers) as well as corvettes, whale catchers and ships laid up in Sweden under allied control, and a few of the fishing vessels that went across to Britain, in short - the FREE merchant fleet - vessels that sailed outside of occupied Norway or were otherwise in allied service / foreign trade.

The other section, which I've entitled the Homefleet, includes ships seized by the Germans, ships that would ordinarily have been in foreign trade but happened to be in Norway at the time of invasion and were unable to get out, local passenger/cargo steamers, car/passenger ferries etc., in other words, vessels that mostly sailed in Norwegian waters / domestic trade. To make navigation a little easier, I've added a Master Ship Index. (I've also started work on an Index according to shipping company, which should be completed in the not too distant future).

I'm afraid that this overhaul has also meant that a lot of the internal links have changed, but by using the main page as a starting point, and following the links provided there, all the pages should be easy to locate.

Other changes include:
The Ships starting with A, B, H, and T have been split up into several pages.
The "Ships starting with C & D" page is now in 2 pages, and the same goes for the "Ships starting with I & J" and "Ships starting with U & V" pages.
A number of ships, for which I have a lot of text and/or a picture, now have their own, individual pages.
The "Merchant Marine Prisoners of War" pages have been split up to enable quicker download.
The "Kvarstad Ships & Men" page has been split up.
The "Norwegian Victims of Atlantis" has been split up, as has "Norwegian Victims of Michel" and "Norwegian Victims of Pinguin".
The "Warsailor Stories" pages have been split up.

I've checked the links to the best of my ability, but if you find I've overlooked some, please do let me know so that I can correct them (external links have not as yet been checked).

Currently working on Convoys HX 181 through HX 190.

June 21:
The 2 Skjerstad ships have been updated.

June 18:
Several pictures of Thorshov have been added (link under "Odd's Ships" and in the text to Thorshov on the T-page).
Several small coastal vessels (and ferries) have been added.
Have also included some interesting newspaper articles (from 1941 and 1943) related to the German raider Atlantis and the interception and scuttling of Regensburg and of Silvaplana when trying to run the Allied blockade (added in text for Silvaplana on my page Norwegian victims of Atlantis).

June 16:
Convoys mentioned below have now been uploaded to the Atlantic Convoys section.

June 15:
Convoys mentioned below have been uploaded. Presently working on HX 159, HX 169, HX 175, HX176, HX 177, HX 178, HX 179, HX 180 and HX 203.

June 13:
Slowly getting back into the swing of things after having been away for over a month. Currently working on Convoys HX 18, HX 22, HX 23, HX 24, HX 128, HX 130, HX 140, HX 141, ON 162, ON 164, ON 165, ONS 3 and ONS 7. (Any volunteers who would help me check the nationality of each ship? This would mean that these convoys can get online much quicker).

In the period May 5 - June 10-2003 my Internet connection will be sporadic, so I'll be unable to reply to E-mails on a daily basis (if at all).

May 2:
Names of survivors and fatalities for Baghdad has been added. Text for Sørholt has been re-written (with additions) - and as usual I've added "bits and pieces all over the site".

April 29:
Added pictures of Bajamar, Balduin, Bañaderos, Bergensfjord, Biarritz, Bonn, Borgå, Bra-Kar, Brabant, Buena Vista, Dageid, Dagfred, Norma, Thorvard.

April 25:
Added more text for D/S Bill. Created separate pages for M/S Ravnaas, and Thermopylæ's Voyages.

April 24:
Convoy HX 166 has been added. More text under Galtesund, Tromøsund, Torvanger, Norness and as usual, bits and pieces all over the site.

April 20:
Added some more text to Siremalm with regard to a U-boat attack on March 23-1941.
Added the abstract of Samuel Bakke's log as well as Admiral Hornell's report about the passage of Convoy OB 290 to my Ships in Atlantic Convoys section.

April 19:
Convoy HX 172 and SC 67 have been added.
I've added the official report on the capture of M/T Teddy to my Norwegian Victims of Atlantis page. Several Homefleet vessels have been updated (and new ones added).

April 16:
Convoys HX 158, HX 170 and HX 171 have been added to my Atlantic Convoys section.
Several "Homefleet" vessels have been updated (picture of Vega after the attack has been added).

April 10:
Have split up the Atlantic Convoys pages.
Updated local Norwegian vessels, and added some new ones (again, thanks to Trygve): Alden, Atløy, Florøy, Kvamsøy, Lærdal, Maaløy, Nesøy, Nordfjord I, Sandøy, Sogn, Stavenes, Svanøy, Vaagsøy, Værøy.

April 5:
Have not been idle by any means. Santo Tomas Documents pages have been updated (have typed the text for easier reading). Will make the jpg's of the newsletter a little smaller for quicker downloading now that the text is typed.
Thanks to Trygve, I have added some more of the smaller vessels sailing within Norway and updated several others: Activ, Alfen, Rolf, Lønningdal I and II, Sendingen II, Haugland I, Aakrafjord, Erdal, Askøy, Dyrteigen, Fanaraaken, Firda, Fjalir, Framnæs, Fusa, Fenring, Fløien, Gudvangen, Gula, Hornelen, Hjeltefjord, Kvarven, Kommandøren, Topdal, Vatlestraumen, Svanholm, Johan Jebsen, Hamre, Haus, Hosanger I, Oster, etc, etc., etc. (I may have missed some here).
Also, Markus Berger sent me a lovely picture of Statsraad Lemkuhl which I've added.

March 5:
Convoy ON 92 has been added to the "Ships in Atlantic Convoys" section. Added a new section Santo Tomás Documents. Also, bits and pieces all over the website.

Febr. 18:
Continuing to go through the alphabet, adding bits and pieces of info, while at the same time tidying up the text and correcting (minor) errors. Have also (tentatively) started to split the pages up, but haven't made up my mind yet whether this is a good idea, as all the internal links will get changed when doing so.

Febr. 8:
More text has been added under Ketty Brøvig on my Norwegian Victims of Atlantis page.
Cruising order for Convoy HX 72 has been added to my "Ships in Atlantic Convoys" page.

Jan. 31:
I haven't been very good at noting my updates on this page lately, but that does not mean I've been idle. Several more HX convoy forms have been added, and more details have been added to my Memorials page as well as to the Survivor's / Fatalities pages.

I've also tried to tidy up the site somewhat by altering the text in cases where the same facts are repeated more than once due to information received from others, and plan to continue this "spring cleaning" when I take breaks from the REAL work on the site. Additionally, I'm in the process of checking my links, some of which are no longer working - this is probably a never ending job, since i have so many of them and website URL's are always changing on me (it would be of GREAT help if you could let me know if you encounter a broken link!).

I've started working an alphabetical Ship Index page (not uploaded), but am not really convinced that such an index is strictly necessary - any thoughts on this matter?.

Kind people in Norway (whom I've never met) have sent me 18 issues of the magazine "Krigsseileren", with the result that I'm now lacking only one issue, namely No. 4 for 1970 - does anybody have it, and if so, are you willing to let me borrow it for copying? I would return it immediately. These magazines provide me with quite a bit of information that is not found in ordinary books, especially about the seamen's own views and experiences, which are so important for me to get across on this website.

I've also continued adding more info like air attacks etc., and bits and pieces all over the site (including minor corrections).

Jan. 5-2003:
Cruising order for Convoy OB 244 has been added to page 2 of the "Ships in Atlantic Convoys" section.

Updates 2001-2002

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