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2001 & 2002
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Updates 2002:

Dec. 23-2002:
Cruising orders for Convoy HX 307 and ON 278 have been added to the "Ships in Atlantic Convoys" section.

Dec. 20:
Trygve Eriksen (the newest "regular" to my Ship Forum) has been keeping me extremely busy - so much so that there hasn't been time to note all the updates on this page. Every time I've finished adding all the info he has sent, here comes another batch of ships, which means that the "Home Fleet" is now coming along nicely (thanks Trygve!). Some new ships have also been added. All these updates are easy to spot, because his name will be mentioned in connection with them.

Dec. 7:
Have added some more "Home Fleet" ships, (Helgeland, Haarek, Vefsen, Thorolf Kveldulfson) with the help of a new batch of books I've just received. The Home Fleet vessels will (might eventually?) be moved to a separate section.
More info has been added for Ranen, Dronningen, Kommandøren, Foula, Firda, Radøy, Stord, Ullensvang, Kora, Vela, Rapp II, Nordfjord, correction for Lyra from T. Setså, who, by the way, has collected a LOT of information on Nortraship vessels (I had given info for the wrong ship previously). I've also added bits and pieces of info all over the website, mostly on the Home Fleet ships, using the new books.

Dec. 5:
Convoy HX 143 has been updated. Also added cruising order for Convoy HX 223.

Nov. 29:
Convoy page has been updated.
Added another story to the Norwegian Warsailor Stories page, partly translated to English at the end of the English version of the page.

Nov. 21:
Created the page Ships in Atlantic Convoys

Nov. 20:
Continued to add more convoy info (HX 146 under Gallia, HX 147 under Nueva Granada, HX 148 under Ørnefjell, HX 149 under Daghild, HX 150 under Varanger, HX 151 under Meline, HX 152 under Drammensfjord.
Added Trondenes, Tromsø, more details for Lyngen

Nov. 16:
Updated the Breñas page (the identity of the U-boat responsible for the first attack on her may now have been established).
Added more details under Thorfjell, some more post war info under Globe I, Globe II, Globe V, Globe IX.
I already had the names of all the ship in Convoy HX 79 (under Egda) but have now added more details on cargoes, stations in convoy, destinations etc.
Also added the names of some of the ships in Convoy HX 144 under Polartank, HX 145 under Vav. More will be added; I might create a separate page for convoy information later (to save space in the ship lists).

Nov. 15:
Created a new page for M/S Breñas / Captain's Report, which includes extracts from statements given at the maritime hearings.

Nov. 14:
Continued to add some more small vessels (for instance Renøy, Svartnes), again, some are VERY small, and might not be of any interest, but who knows, someone might be looking for just that vessel. I may have to create a new section for ships less than a certain tonnage, in order to ease download time for ship lists, since they are already so long.
More details under Sardinen, Bjerk, Rødskjæl, Aalvik, Nansen, Oster, Snorre I, Sotra, Thorodd.

Nov. 11:
Some more text has been added under Solaas (including crew list, and picture of ship) from the ship's log and maritime hearings.

Nov. 7:
Continuing to go through the alphabet again, adding misc. details that were left out the first time around (aircraft attacks etc.). Mistakes are corrected in the process - nothing major though. Have gotten up to and including the 2nd H-page.
Have also started to add some small ships to my lists, like Bolga, Fykan (ex Russian Tatjana), Skjomtind. Some are VERY small, but who knows, someone might be looking for this info.
Have added names of survivors and fatalities for Inga I, Gunny, Høegh Giant and Leiv Eirikson to Survivors page.
Also working on an Index page listing all the ships found on my website, to make it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for, but this might take a while to complete!

Oct. 23:
Added complete list of survivors and fatalities of Scotia to Survivors page.
More text has been added under Elisabeth Bakke (Operation Rubble).

Oct. 21:
The project mentioned below is finally done, Kvarstad Ships & Men (some details on Operation Cabaret and Operation Bridford have also been included).

Oct. 14:
Started work on the story of the "Kvarstad ships" (Operation Performance) on a new, separate page, hope to have it done before this week is over.

Oct. 12:
Added a translated summary of a report on Polarsol, Polartank.

Oct. 7:
More under Trajan.

Oct. 3:
More wedding pictures have been added.
More text under Chr. Knudsen.

Sept. 29:
Crew lists have been added (except British crew) for B. P. Newton, Buccaneer, Charente, Storsten, Gudvang, Skytteren, Lionel, Lind, Dicto, Rigmor.

Sept. 28:
More text under Austri.

Sept. 26:
More text under Landego.
Survivors and casualties of Landego added to Survivors / Fataltites page.
Names of ships in Convoy SC 42 have been added to my text under D/S Regin.

Sept. 24:
Links have been added on all pages to the new Maritime Books Forum.
(A few wedding pictures have been posted).

Sept. 17:
Added crew list for Ferncastle on the page Norwegian Victims of Michel as well as on my Survivors / Fatalities page.

July 16:
Added the names of all the ships in Convoy HX 20 to my dad's letter No. 2 in Odd's Letters (and to Rudzin's Diary).
Added picture of Selje, Tai Yin, Troja, and of Taurus' & Tai Shan's breakout from Sweden

July 11:
Have been working on the site on and off (in-between planning my daughter's wedding and preparing my house for a heap of guests). Continued to add more information on misc. aircraft attacks (through F-page) and bits and pieces of info all over the site. Also, pictures have been added of Brabant, Warthe (Norw. Bratland), Cometa, Goya, Goslar and Kurland (Norw. Høegh Silvermann and Høegh Trader), Orion, Taiwan, Ill (Norw. Turicum), Vega, Viator, Sperrbrecher 17 and 15 (Norw. Templar and Taronga), Skagerak, Stavangerfjord.

June 30:
Pictures of Titanian and Braconda, Salamis, Iselin, Fenja, John Bakke, Lofoten, Elisabeth Bakke, Martin Bakke, Jupiter have been added. (Also, a couple more pictures added at the end of Family album).
I've also added more details on Norse King's collision with the Dutch Ferdinand Bol, and Varøy's collision with Francis Fladgate.

June 14:
Pictures of Sir Karl Knudsen (Charlotte Schliemann), Dukat, Thermopylae, Pelagos, and Vav have been added.
Names of those who died when M/K Blia sank have been added to my Survivors / Fatalities page.
Have added pictures of Merchant Marine Memorials at Battery Park, New York under Memorials.

June 5:
More information has been added under Sagona, Fagerheim (names of survivors)
Names of survivors of Belmoira added to Survivors/Fatalities page
Post war info for Flyndre, Hyse, Kveite, Lange

May 15:
Names of survivors and casualties added for Fingal, Survivors / Fatalities page
More text under Roald Amundsen, Rose, Royal.

May 10:
Pictures have been added of Ravnanger (plus more text), Eidsvold, Østhav, Regina, Polykarp.
I've started to add some details that I omitted the first time around (aircraft attaks etc.), beginning with the A-page, now working on the B(2) page. Also, have received some magazines containing quite a bit of information on several ships which will be added in the week to come.

April 26:
Updates to Acasta, Sneland I, Alf Lindebergh, Daghild
Crew list added to Alaska
Pictures added of Basilea, Belpamela, Belpareil, Sildra, Evina, Silvaplana, Arosa, Turicum, Glarona.
The "Norwegian Victims of Pinguin" page has been completed, and added Norwegian Victims of Orion.

April 20:
More details have been added to Galtesund, Fjordaas, Havfru, Bera, Ohio
I've added pictures of: Eidanger, Inger, Moldanger, Siranger, Sandanger, Basel (of varying quality), and 2 pics of Golar Freeze to my page "Odd's Ships".
More details about the whaling fleet have been added under Ole Wegger on the page Norwegian Victims of Pinguin.

April 12:
More details have been added to Solaas, Takstaas, Fredville, Kvernaas.
Individual pages have been created for "Norwegian Victims of Widder" and "Norwegian Victims of Pinguin" (the latter is incomplete) in an effort to reduce download time for the ship lists.
Find Old Shipmates Forum has been added.
A couple more stories have been added to Warsailor Stories.

April 9:
Finally managed to tidy up my text on the Norwegian Victims of Thor page.
Odd's Ships has been updated.
Collected the details on the 6 ships caught by Atlantis on one page Norwegian Victims of Atlantis.

March 26:
More text has been added to Ravnefjell, Fana, Beaulieu, Nueva Andalucia, Orion (and others).
Have added the page "Why is a ship a she" which will also hold misc. bits and pieces.
Pictures of William Strachan have been added.
Added the names of the ships in Convoy HX 79 under Ravnefjell and others, and crew list for Vinni along with a picture of them.

Names of survivors and casualties for Ravnanger and Gimle added to my Survivors / Fatalities page, also, more text for Gimle, Hardanger, Kollgrim, Kollskegg, Hamlet, and many more.
My "Norw. victims of Michel page" has been tidied up somewhat.
I've also endeavoured to reduce some scrolling, by splitting the lists up more (have made sure I kept all anchor links with the same name, though some links no longer fit with the letters they used to have).

Febr. 21:
Not much activity on this updates page lately, but that doesn't mean I've been idle by any means. In fact, there has been a LOT of additions, scattered all over the site, I just haven't taken the time to list them here. Most of these additions are of a more human nature, rather than technical - in other words, concentrated around the people rather than the ships. I have also added 2 pages describing life in the Japanese prison camps Ofuna and Omori, and Singapore's Changi, Sime Road etc. They can be found under Life in Imprisonment, Yesterday I added some new pictures to the Family album but they're probably of no interest to anyone but the family (just thought I'd mention it anyway). Additionally, more ships and crew names have been added to the "Survivors/Fatalities page, and if I remember correctly I added some more, small ships to the list here and there a few weeks ago.

Jan. 27:
More details for Anna Knudsen, Harboe Jensen, John P. Pedersen (also added names of survivors and fatalities for the latter), Polykarp, Bralanta, and many, many more too numerous to list (text is mostly concentrated on the sailors' own personal views and stories).

Jan 21:
Tried to tidy up my "Interned Ships" page, but probably confused matters further by adding info from a 4th source (often conflicting).
More details for Favør
Added Utvær, Eldøy, Gå På

Jan. 19:
More text has been added under Potentilla, Monbretia, Tønsbergfjord, Hvoslef, Leif, Hero, Hamlet, O. A. Knudsen, Skottland, Indra.
Added Maritime Declaration for Bonneville.
Added the names of casualties from the Norwegian destroyer Bath (Survivors/Fatalities page).

Jan. 8-2002:
D/S Eika, D/S Fusa and M/T Lise have been added to my page Survivors / Fatalities as well as more text under D/S Eika on the E-page and D/S Fusa on the F-page.
More text for: M/T Pericles, Sado, Sjofna, Frode, Hosanger, Freidig
Added: D/S Hansi, Nydalen, Torborg I

Updates 2001:

Dec. 31-2001
More history for: Vim, Suderøy, Vestmanrød, La France (incl. post war info for all 4), Nurgis, Jarl, Haugarland, Pronto, Jern.
Post war infor for: Fram, Unita, Prosper, Tonjer
Added: Herold, Fulmar, Patriot

Continued to add details on numerous pre war and post war ships which carried the same names as those listed for WW II.

Dec. 28
Post war info for: Spes, Gudrun, Inger Lise, Lyder Sagen, Ada, Lysaker V, Boreas
Some more history for: Produce, Felix, Manx, Anna Sofie, Skogheim, Ledaal (incl. post war info), Rona, Fagerborg, Gun, Sollund
Added: D/S Bro, Fingal I

During the last 2-3 weeks I've also added details on a great number of ships lost to WW I, in cases where a company had previously had a vessel by the same name as the one listed on my site for WW II. Where a company had several ships by the same name through the years, I've also added some details on those.

Dec. 24
Post war info for: Tordenskjold, Heire, Lido
Some more history for: Alix, Hildur I (incl. post war), King, Vang, Havørn, Svanholm, Borgund, Gulhaug (also post war info), Marianne, Agnes, Lynghaug, Vard, Varild, Varegg, Veni, Selvik, Spica (incl. post war for both), Island, Pollux,
Added: Lappen, Troll, Torbrand, Union

Dec. 21:
Continuing to add more history for various Haugesund ships:
Solhavn, (also post war), Lisbeth (post war), Henry (finally found owner's name), Rask, Røyksund, Sveggsund, Marvel (+ post war), correction for Skoghaug.
Added: D/S Ulv, Homborsund

Dec 20:
History for: Lita, Snyg, Varangmalm (from a visitor to my site), Ingerseks, Promise, Utsire, Vestra, and some post war info for Pan.

Dec. 18:
History for: D/S Bokn, Thore Hafte, Force, Gezina, Raftsund (including post war info for the latter 4), Ragni, Argo, Susanna (cleared up previous uncertainty, not sunk - also post war info), Jæderen, Storesund (apparently not sunk afterall), Lysefjord, Fusa, Fjalir
Added: D/S Ryvarden, Skude, Karmsund

Dec. 14:
More general history for: Kong Erik, Kong Halfdan, Kong Magnus, Ottar Jarl, Roald Jarl, Arnfinn Jarl, Haakon Jarl, Notos, Lista.
Post War Info for: Rolf Jarl, Tore Jarl, Atle Jarl, Torfinn Jarl.

Dec. 13
More details for: Tanahorn, Sørøy, Erling Jarl, Sigurd Jarl, Kong Harald, Prins Olav.

Dec. 10:
Added picture of: Thorsheimer, and a second picture of Thorshavn
Added the history of: Henrik Wergeland, Ingøy
Post War info to D/S Nea, Ragnvald Jarl
Added: D/S Alta

Dec. 9:
More info added for: Trondhjem, Ragnvald Jarl (Odd's Ships), Tordenskjold, Haakon Adalsten.

Nov 21:
Pictures have been added of Oregon Express, Freidig (when Melsomvik)
More text for: Freidig (ship's history and a personal story), Karma, and several others.
Added: Honningsvåg (trawler, seized from the Germans), Valo
Added a lot more text to Rudzin's Diary, and Evacuation from Le Havre (English and Norwegian versions).

Nov. 14:
More text for Ida Bakke, Danio, Kong Haakon VII (may have solved the convoy mystery).

Nov. 12:
Captain's story under Thorstrand, Scebli
More text for Lynghaug, Lysaker V.
Links to pictures of Bjørgvin, Dronningen, Nordfjord, Oslo, Galtesund, Kristiansand, Tromøsund.

Nov. 8:
Added some personal stories here and there, for instance in the text under Bianca, Leiv Eriksson, Varegg, Nyhorn, Kongshaug, Busen 7 (Note) and others.
More text for Minerva, Thorshavet.
A picture of Hermion has been dded.

Nov 2:
A search feature is up and running at Search

Oct. 31:
Created a page for Ships in Arctic convoys

Oct. 26:
Updated convoy info for Marathon, Herbrand, Skiensfjord, Idefjord, Noreg.

Oct. 20:
Some text added to Baden, Bratland and Fagerstrand.
Added a page for Krigsseilerhistorier (personal stories sent to me by others). Sofar in Norwegian only.

Oct. 17:
Thanks to a new book kindly sent to me by the author, Ø. T. Berge (see my sources), I've been able to update a few Home Fleet ships, sofar mostly minor additions in the text, starting with Cygnus, Sigurd Hund, Kem, Argo, Delfinus, Snyg, Nyegg, Firern. Mosstrand (Kaldnes), Graziella, Skagerak I, Vela.
Also updates on many Fred Olsen's ships, especially those that start with B.

Oct 12:
Added some more text to Alcides (on "The 3 officers")
More text for Storviken ("the 2 sub prisoners").
Added a section on "Life on Dresden" under the text for Aust on my page Norwegian Victims of T/S Thor

Oct. 7:
Added a page listing the Norwegian sailors who were taken prisoners (incomplete as yet) Merchant Marine Prisoners of War

Oct. 1:
Added: Castleville (German Darss), Mil 40,
Added more to the story under Scotia,

Sept 30:
More text for: Isbjørn, Dagny I, Kong Harald.
Added: D/S Jupiter, Grimsøy, Glommen 4, Cito, Sterkodder, Tore Hund, Rotvær, Raagan, Radøy.

Sept 28:
More small vessels (some are VERY small): Thomas Fearnley, Fagerstrand I, Freikoll, Foula, Fanny, Framnæs, Fjalir, Flømann, Snorre I, Sneland, Sveggsund, Røst, Sotra, Ideal (unsure on these 2), Pioner, Hadarøy, Isflora, Jøna, Jylland, Jason, Jernbarden, J.M.
Also added: D/S Transport, D/S Trondhjem,

Sept. 26:
Some more small vessels added: Bøfjord, Nordsjø, Nap, Øyulf, Torafire, Tungenes, Tanja, Timan.
Picture added of G.O, ex Thorfjell (under Thorfjell).
Picture links added under Irma, Richard With, Mira, Prinsesse Ragnhild, Vega.
Links added on "Ship Pictures" page to pictures of: Dronning Maud, Nordstjernen, Sirius, Skjerstad.

Sept. 24:
Some more small vessels added: D/S Hardhausen, Hareidingen, Hodnaberg, Elieser, Engøy, Eastern Foam, Eira, Albion, Arild, Andø, Aalesund, Aalvik.

Sept. 23:
Added: M/S Ombofjord (ex D/S Ole Bull), D/S Oster (German Marder), Vardø, Vesper, Vang, Varp.

Sept. 22:
Added: Bygdøy, Brynilen, Øygar, Bjarkøy, Brogenes, Brandasund, Rødskjæl, Brodd, Batenfjord, Blia, Bodø (M/T, ex the German Kattegat), Nørvøy, Advance.
More text for: Parat, Ferndale (thanks Jan-Olof! he also solved my Vigeo mystery, it should be Vigo).

Sept 21:
Still concentrating on, and trying to make some sense of, the Home Fleet. I hope to be able to provide better information on these vessels as soon as I receive some books on the subject (already ordered, and in the mail).
Some Home Fleet ships added: Parat, Oslo, Solbjørn, Skjervøy, Skandfer, Uløy, Skogheim, Stord.
More tidbits under: Salonica.

Sept. 20:
Correction to: D/S Elsie (thanks to a "viewer" - I had her as "under German control 1940" when in fact she was lost in 1939).
More Home Fleet ships: Ekenes, Vigeo (need some help with it), Lange, Flyndre, Kveite, Sei, Bodø/Erling Jarl, Nina.
More info under: Leda (note), Lofoten.

Sept. 18:
More text under Selje
Some more Home Fleet ships added: Korsvik, Topaz, Vaagan, Hydro, Hugin, Hygia, Vangsnes, Hardangeren, Haugland I, Hillevåg, Holla (ex Nyhaug), Hornelen, Hornøy, Hyse, Ragnvald Jarl. More info will be added for each of them later.

Sept. 11:
Numerous tidbits have been added all over the site, a date here, a detail there - the kind of updates that would be hard to list individually. Also added some Home Fleet ships.

Sept. 4:
More text under Tancred and Eli (captains' stories, very brief summaries), and under Talabot (the story of a German pilot who took part in the air attacks on Convoy MW 10)

Sept 2:
Added an able seaman's story (Orkanger & Brattdal), and Talabot's captain's story.

Aug. 31:
Added: M/S Gressholm.
More text under Trafalgar, Moira, Frontenac (the personal stories of the captains), Erviken (the 4th engineer's report).
Correction: Polarland (voyage info).

Aug. 30:
Correction to Kongsgaard (under "Note").
Added some text to M/T Elsa (in "Note"), Aramis (some details found in "Tusen norske skip").

Aug. 29:
Added crew list for M/S Lidvard, as well as the names of those who escaped.
Correction Hestmanden (tonnage).
Some text added to Thermopylæ (Helga Åbel's story).

Aug. 26:
Tidbits added to Alcides, Frisco (names of casualties & survivors), Arna (note), Kaprino, Taiwan, Troma. Arnfinn Jarl, North America, Deodata, Concordia, Ingertre, Kul, Far (post war for the latter 3), Kollgrim, Kaiapoi and H.C Flood (voyages), Heron, Herstein, Hilda (fate), and various other small additions/corrections - some from my own sources, some from visitors to my website.
Added some more "Home Fleet" ships M/T Austanger (Schleswig), M/T Hegg (Jungfernsand), Hopeville (Gotenland), M/S B656 (Finnland),

Aug 25:
Added a summary of Lise Lindbæk's interview with the captain of M/S Reinholt, and an excerpt from her interview with David Faye Knudsen, the 1st mate of Aust ("Norwegian Victims of Thor").
More text under Tirrana, Brisk.

Aug. 24:
More text for Blaafjeld, Pan, Sekstant (same text for all 3), Kora, Myken, Galtesund, Tromøsund, Tai Shan (captain, cargo), Koll (from the 2nd Mate's personal logbook), some names under Blink, as well as an excerpt from the 1st Mate's extremely moving report.
Added more Home Fleet ships: D/S Aafjord, Sigurd Jarl (II), Capella (I).
Correction to Sigurd Jarl (I).

Aug. 22:
Added some thank you notes to the crew of Heina from the survivors of M/S Wellefield, to the captain of Vigrid from one of the surviving nurses, and a letter written by a nurse who was on the Dutch Maasdam (survivors were rescued by Havprins).
More text under: San Miguel, Kattegat (at the end of the text, concerning the German Kattegat), tonnage for D/S Ibis, Nidarland (on her whereabouts at the beginning of the war), Porsanger, Sigurd Jarl (conflict), Saturnus.
Started to add some more "Home Fleet" vessels: D/S Haardraade, M/S Hellesund, D/S P. G. Halvorsen, D/S Vard, D/S Bera, D/S Svanholm, D/S Driva, D/S Folden, D/S Force, D/S Torgtind, D/S Sivert Nilsen.

Aug. 21:
Several links added to my Merchant Marine etc. Links page.
Added a page containing information on the Ships in Sweden at the outbreak of war in Norway.
Adjustments to my text on the page "Nortraship" was made.
Added som ships: M/T Myken, M/T Vera B, M/T Tripp,

Aug. 20:
Some updates to: Vigrid (more on ship's history, cargo and voyage details), Tourcoing, Tai Yang, Mendocino, Tento, Ringstad (position added), Ketty Brøvig (history tidbits for all of them, correction of tonnage and place built on Ketty Brøvig).

Aug 19:
Captain Helmer Henriksen's report on life on board Komet has been added to M/S Vinni.

Aug. 18:
Added some text under: Jamaica, Moldanger.
Finally got around to writing up a summary of the events surrounding the establishment of Nortraship.

Aug. 16:
More details on: Herma, Estrella, Kong Sverre (more on ship's history, and also post war info).
Added tonnage for Ulsnes, Vadsø, Varøy and Vim.
Added Haugar, Torvang/Varafjell, Vestkyst I.

Aug. 15:
Added Knut Knutsen's 2nd Sofie Bakke, which had been laid up in Sweden during the war, and Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen's 2nd Vilja which had also been laid up for the duration, likewise Havmann and Hermund.
More facts on Suderøy VI, Suderøy V, and Danio.

Aug. 14:
Added Landanes, (Kriegsmarine's Sinbad).

Aug. 13:
Post war info: Anatina, Banco.
More info under: Vinland (some history), Moldanger.

Aug. 11:
Added some ships: D/S Fusa, Ryfylke.
More text under: Austri, Sir James Clark, Havda, Erling Lindøe, Narvik (very interesting), Nordnorge, Irma, St. Svithun.

Aug. 8:
More post war info for: Gausdal
Added some info on the various ships named Høegh Trader through the years under Høegh Trader, the 4 Høegh Merchant and Høegh Transporter ships.
Added a 2nd note under Bruse.

Aug. 7:
Added more text under Rena (incl. link to picture of Førdefjord, Rena's ex name), Vindafjord (some details on other ships by that name), Stavangerfjord (under ship history), Rogaland.
Added the ships: Guri, Vestnorge (post war info only).

August 4:
More text under St. Svithun, Rogaland.
Created a page with a collection of detailed information on Norwegian Victims of M/S Michel. Includes excerpts from Kattegat's Captain Gjurød's diary describing life on board Michel, Speybank and Rhakotis, and the chief engineer's report to Nortraship on the sinking of Ramses.

July 31:
More facts added to Scotia, Britannia, a few extra tidbits under Løvstad, as well as some interesting details added to Ravnaas.

July 30:
More text under Høegh Silverdawn.

July 29:
Some more text under M/T Nyholt.

July 28:
More text added under these Norwegian victims of Atlantis: Ole Jacob, Talleyrand, Teddy, Tirranna. Also, made a list of all the Norwegian ships captured by German raiders on the Norwegian Victims of T/S Thor page.

July 27:
Added the corvettes Tunsberg Castle, Rose and Buttercup.
Added picture of Tai Yang.

July 25:
Added more text to: Woolgar.
Added more ships (sent by a visitor to my site): Sigurd Hund, Snyg, Skagerak I, Nyegg, Vestra.
Added picture of Oslofjord (sent by another visitor).

July 22:
Started collecting information on the Norwegian ships captured by Thor onto one page Norwegian victims of Thor. Added a horrific story under Madrono on that page.Will also eventually make separate pages for ships captured by the other German raiders, if there's a lot of text to be added.
Added more text under Beaulieu.

July 19:
Text from copies of old newspapers (from 1940) added to: Vinni, Segovia, Navarra, Bravore,

July 18:
Added Vinni's Story, and a summary of the report on the fire on board Vivi.

July 15:
Added a new page for Surviviors and Fatalities, and listed surviviors from M/S Maloja (30 survivors, 2 dead), and the names of the 40 survivors from Høegh Merchant, as well as details on the rescue from the USS Trever log.
Made a simple, preliminary Site Map for my website for quicker navigation (hopefully - once I get it linked up to all my pages anyway - sofar it's only linked to a few pages).

July 14:
More text under: Vanja, Vav, Vilja.

July 13:
More text under: Hvoslef, John P. Pedersen (also added the names of Non Norwegians who died), Skagerak.

July 12:
Post War info on: Kos X, Skudd 4, Geiranger.
More text under: Crawford Ellis, Dageid, Dagfred, Daghild, Dagrun, Gard, Hav.

July 11:
Added some ships: Luna, Delfinus, Nordstjernen, Polarlys, Pallas, Vesta, Uranus, Tellus, Neptun.
Finished comparing my entries with a couple of other sources. Will again start from the beginning, and where possible add more in depth war time stories from various additional sources (detailed history books written by the shipping companies for instance). Also, I will study some personal accounts that I've come across here and there, and if necessary add some pages containing those.

July 10:
Added some ships: Bali, Baden, Basel, Bess, Biri, Bonn, Borgsten, Dyrøy, Fosen, Frøya, Hitra, Marvel, Mailand, Jelø, Sarp, Saturnus, Vaaland, Vansø, Vela, Vestri, Yrjar.
Post War: Brimanger, Nordanger, Heranger, Dagrun, Ogna.
Correction: Bravo I, for some reason I had wrong year, wrong place and wrong tonnage.

July 9:
Quite a bit of Post War info added to various ships, too many to name individually - mostly under B's, S (incl. the Star whalers, some Pol whalers), and a few others. Also, continued to compare all info with other sources, while adding more ships (mostly small coastal steamers), and minor corrections where necessary - through Ships starting with T.

July 6:
Same as below through S (several ships added, mostly ships in service on the coast of Norway). While checking the 2nd S- page I came across a reference to Sperrbrecher 14 in Rohwer, and through that I discovered a possible mistake under Tai Ping, but won't change anything until I know for sure what the correct information is, though I did add some more text under that ship. Will continue checking the T's now and the rest of the alphabet, before going into more in depth stories on some of the ships.

Will have a simple search feature ready soon.

June 30:
Continuing as below through N, while at the same time adding more ships, information/corrections and links.
Also, fixed a heap of broken links throughout the site (not just the ship lists).

June 27:
Continuing to compare information to other sources (through K).
Added post war info to: Daviken, Troma, Kong Alf, Trondheim, Krossfonn, Pol VII, Panama Express, President de Vogue, Reinholt, Rogaland, Solfonn, Svanefjell, Sandefjord, Stiklestad, Suderøy, Norse Lady, Facto, Lago.

June 26:
Added some more ships to the A and B list, mostly small vessels in service on the coast of Norway.

June 23:
Continuing as below, and also added a post war picture of Polykarp when under her new name of M/T Wilstar (added to P-page, and to "Pictures of Ships" under P).

June 21:
Continuing as below, through H.

June 15:
Continuing to go through the lists from the beginning and adding more details/corrections here and there, while at the same time linking to a website which gives the names of some of the sailors who died on the individual ships - plan to eventually do so all through the list. The website in question is a searchable database in Norwegian (Sjømennenes Minnehall, a memorial to sailors at Stavern, Norway), and briefly describes the fates of the ships, covering WW I as well as WW II. There's also a link to it on my Merchant Marine Links page. Feel free to contact me for a translation of the words in the search fields etc.

June 12:
Went through the A-list and compared with additional sources, adding various tidbits here and there. Also, added more details under Barfonn, Brant County and several of the ships on the B-list.

June 9:
War history has been added to ships starting with V, W, and Ø - in other words - ALL DONE! Well, not exactly, I shall now start with the A's again, dig a little deeper in additional sources and add more details, if necessary make corrections. I doubt these lists can ever be called "all done", as I will keep adding to them as information becomes available.

June 7:
Added some more facts on the battle of Convoy SLS 64 under Borgestad, and continued to add war history to ships starting with V.

June 6:
Adding war history to Ships starting with U and V.

June 5:
Added a ship, w/picture: Thorland.
Continued to add war time history to the "Ships starting with T" page.

June 4:
Continued to add war time history to Ships starting with T.
Added picture of D/T Thorøy.

June 3:
Started adding war time information to Ships starting with T.
Also, added some info to the the U, V, and W lists.

June 2:
Finished adding wartime history to ships starting with S, but still have a couple of sources to check, compare and/or make corrections. First, I'll turn my attention to ships starting with T.
Added links: under Belray on the Bombay Disaster, and under Bianca (link to article on how the wreck of Scharnhorst was found).
Added a story under: Oslofjord.

May 30:
Adding war time history to page 2 of Ships starting with S.

May 28:
Added a paragraph on Arctic Convoy losses on my page "Statistics and Misc. Tidbits".
Continued to add war time history to ships starting with S.
Added a note under Høegh Merchant on the 2nd page of Ships starting with H.
Pictures added of: D/S Bergensfjord and D/S Drammensfjord

May 27:
Continued to add war time history to Ships starting with S.
Added more info on several Wilh. Wilhelmsen and Thor Dahl ships/whalers under Ships starting with T (both pages) and another table, Total losses 1940-1945 to the page "Statistics & Misc. Tidbits".

May 25:
Continued to add war time history to ships starting with S (correction under M/S Scebeli).

May 23:
Started adding war time history to ships starting with S.

May 22:
Added pictures of: Aakre (first ship on the A-list) under two different names, her previous name of Childar and her later name of Sovietskaya Latvia - also added facts on her later history as a Russian prisoner ship, (also involving the Dutch ships Dalstroi (ex-Almelo), Dzhurma (ex-Brielle) and Kulu (ex-Batoe), and the British Felix Dzerzhinsky (ex-Dominia).
Added link under Lancing, to a website with pictures and facts on this whale factory.
Added some ships: D/S Tempo, D/S Haakon Jarl.
Tidbits on: Hallingdal, Kong Dag, Kong Oscar II, Nordland, Favør (both under note), Hidlefjord (cargo, convoy).

May 21:
Added more information to: Panama Express (had nothing at all before).
Tidbits on: Pan Europe (on trips/cargo), Para (captain), Paris (rescue), Patria (mystery under "note"), Polarbjørn, Peik, Polartank (captain), Polycastle (captain), Arena (added an interesting link), Ravnaas, Ottar Jarl.
Added: D/S Prinsesse Ragnhild, D/S Richard With.

May 20:
Finished adding war time history to ships on R-list (using just one source) - will now check other sources for P-list as well as R-list, compare and if necessary add information.

May 19:
Continued adding war time histories under ships starting with R.

May 18:
Finished adding war time history to ships starting with P (for the time being. Will check three more sources later). Started adding war time history to ships starting with R.

May 17:
Started adding war time history to ships starting with P.

May 16:
Continued adding war time info to O-list.
Added a whaler: Odd

May 15:
Started adding wartime history to ships starting with O (incl. some more on Ole Jacob and Ole Wegger).

May 14:
Finished adding war time histories to N-list (for the time being, will check other sources at a later time).

May 13:
Continued adding war time history to the N-list.
Some post war info added to: Gausdal, Thorshammer, Thorøy, Thorsholm, Leda

May 12:
More war time history added to the N-list.

May 11:
Continued to add war time histories to ships starting with N.
Added some more whalers from the Thor Dahl list; Neb, Niern, Hauk, Hval, Jerv I, Kit, Kodiak
and post war facts on the exisitng whalers: Hauken, Klo,

May 10:
Post war info on: Høegh Hood, Høegh Scout, Høegh Silvercloud, Høegh Silverlight, Høegh Silvermann/Høegh Silverbeam, Høegh Silverstar, Høegh Trader (later Høegh Silvercrest).
More wartime info on ships on the N-list.

May 7:
Tidbits added from newly received documents on Thor Dahl, Sandefjord to: The whaler Thoris (tonnage, ex name), Thorgrim (ex name), Enern, Falk (post war for both, and info on an earlier Falk), Femern (additional post war, and info on 2 other whalers named Femern), Firern (corrected year built & tonnage, + info on a 2nd Firern), Frango, Gribb, Gvas 2 (post war on both).
Added from same documents: Whalers - Bjørn I, Don Luis, Edda, Fogo, Frey, Fynd, Gaupe, Grib, Grib II, Gvas.

May 6:
Started adding some war time facts on ships on N-list, but only "skeleton" info. for most of them (from "Losses-Norway" section of Roger Jordan's book). Also added quite a bit of information on the ex "Empire" ships on the N-list, which was sent to me a while back. Will add more details later. Also, I've just received in the mail from a visitor to my site, Narve Sørensen (who has previously provided quite a few of the ship pictures I have), a long company list of Thor Dahl's ships, incl. whalers, which Ive started to add and/or compare with the info I've already received from Roger Jordan on the whalers. Narve Sørensen is an ex-Radio Officer on some of Thor Dahl's ships.

May 5:
More war time info on: Ships on the M-list.

May 4:
Continued to add more war time information to ships on M-list.
Minor additions to: Knoll, Kolsdal, Komet (ex names for all), Kronviken (more post war details).
Some post war info on: Some of the Kos whalers, Hval whalers, Busen whalers, Femern, Torlyn, Attila.
More ships added: Henrik Wergeland, Haakon Adelstein, Sigurd Jarl, Erling Jarl, Haakon Jarl, Sverre Sigurdsson, Prinsesse Ragnhild.

May 3:
Added picture of: Statsraad Lemkuhl
More on: Karma, the Kos whalers (a lot of new info here), Tropic Star
Post war info on: Fernwood, Fernbrook, Garonne, Biscaya, Fernglen, Fernplant, Carmelfjell, Castor, Pan Aruba, Pan Europe, Pan Scandia, Fagerbro, Fido, Havprins, Høyanger, Nordnes, G.C. Brøvig, Kaldfonn.

May 2:
Added picture of: Heranger
Post war info on: Kaupanger, Hermelin, Hermion, Bencas, Bruse Jarl, Bur, Ferncourt, Lionel, Liss, Ivaran
New ship: Karma
Finally got around to splitting the page with ships starting with B into two pages; it was much too long and slow loading. Bo through Bå are now on a separate page. It's still quite long, but hope this move helps somewhat.

May 1:
Continued to add war time history to ships starting with M.
Some new ships: Ottar Jarl, Orkla, Ørland, Bjørgvin
Pictures of: Christian Radich, Black Watch, Solviken, Thorhild.
More info on: Vesthav.
Post War info: Fernmoor, Ek, Alar, Audun, Brajara, Lærdal, Sirenes, Star, Sørvangen, Storfonn, Stavanger, Snar, Orion, Jotunfjell, Gudvin, Pronto, Finse, Fenja, Falkefjell, Vest, Titanian, O. B. Sørensen.

April 30:
Continued to add war time history to ships starting with M., and also added information for Oregon Express.

April 29:
Started adding some war time history to ships starting with M and O, and some of Wilh. Wilhelmsen's ships on the T-list. Will add more detailed accounts later (from a different source).
More details on: Randsfjord, Rinda, Simla, Stavangerfjord, Tosca, Trondheimsfjord, Tyrifjord.
Post War info on: Samuel Bakke, Skiensfjord, Tanafjord, Vinland, Tai Ping Yang, Tai Shan, Tai Yang, Tai Yin.

April 28:
Finished adding tonnage, ex names etc. and more ships to the N through Ø-lists.
Added some information to: Mantilla, Binna, Mirlo, Haug whalers, Hektor whalers, and to some ships on the N-list.
Post war details on: Margrethe Bakke, Marie Bakke, Martin Bakke, Heimvard, Hiram, Brønnøy, Borgholm, Betty, Bañaderos, Britamer, Abraham Lincoln, Anders Jahre, Herbrand.
Minor addition to: Bjerk (war time service).

April 27:
Post war info on: Løvstad, Dalfonn, Beaufort, Ibis, Kis (the last 2 are new entries).
Added several pictures: Ole Wegger (taken from my Ship Forum, thanks!), Arosa, Breñas, Bretagne, Carmelfjell, Elin K, Egerø, Dicto, Duala, Fenja, Filefjell, Hardanger, Havkong, Marit, Minerva, Norefjord, Laurits Swenson, Venus, Vibran, Randsfjord, Tampa, Taronga, Tarifa, Sandar, Solstad, courtesy of Roger W. Jordan.
Continued updating N-Ø-lists with tonnage, previous names, and additional ships (which will be easy to spot as they're not marked with a green NS for Nortraship).

April 26:
Picture added of: Anna Knudsen,
More ships added: Midnatsol, Mira, Montbretia (corvette).
Went through lists N - Ø and added tonnage, ex names, where built, as well as more ships (non-Nortraship), more of the same to be added.

April 25:
Minor additions to: the Busen whalers (place built, also post war for Busen 9)
Post war info on: Polartank, Evita, Elise, Astrid, Norfjell, Fosna, Fulton, Fantoft, President Herrenschmidt, Lysland, Thorfjell, Thorshov
Correction: I previously had some info under Elise which belonged under Elisabeth Bakke, (I actually had the same information under both ships), but it's all correct now.
Went ahead and added: Lists of Nortraship ships starting with U, V, W and Ø. "All" I have to do now is add tonnage and the non-Nortraship ships to the N throug Ø lists, and war time information on each ship!
Please note that this means I've had to change some things - the J-link has now been combined with the I, so if you have the J bookmarked, it'll no longer work. I apologize for the frequent changes, but please bear with me until I've got these pages properly established. I never know how long each page is going to be until I've added all the war time text to it.

April 24:
Added picture of California Express, Buesten, Spinanger, Garonne, Haakon Hauan, O. B. Sørensen, Polartank.
Added more ships: List of ships starting with T (incomplete information).

April 23:
Post war information on: Ima, Haakon Hauan, Storanger, Regina, Havkong, Drafn, Kong Bjørn, Norbryn, Hardanger, Norbryn, Rutenfjell.
Minor additions to: The whalers Klo, Nebb, Enern, Femern, Seksern, Syvern, Bever, Falk, Gribb, Gvas II, Hauken, H. J. Bull.
More info on: The Skudd whalers.
Added new ship: Porsanger.
Moved all the ships pictures (except for pictures of the ships my father was on) into a seperate folder, so that if you've previously bookmarked any of them, your link will no longer work.

April 21:
Minor additions to: Kai, Kaprino, Karmøy, Kathrine Stenersen, Kaupanger, K. G. Meldahl, Kirsten B (place built & previous name), Kong Magnus, Kong Sigurd, Kongshavn (previous names), Kristiansand, Kul (previous names)
Additions to: Kaptein Worsøe (post war info), Karlander (voyage when lost and time of sinking), Karmt (voyage when lost + type of cargo), Karsten Wang (post war), Kirkenes (mostly post war info), Kløveren, Knute Nelson, Kong Alf, Kong Bjørn, Kongshaug (voyage and cargo), Kvalø, the whaler Kai and the Gos whalers.
New ships added to existing lists: D/S Karen D/S Kem, D/S King, D/S Kommandøren, D/S Kong Dag, D/S Kong Erik, D/S Kong Haakon, Kong Halfdan, D/S Kong Harald, Kong Olaf, Kong Oscar II, Kong Trygve, D/S Kora.
Started on the M-list, by adding some more ships, tonnage and previous names for a few ships, but not much done here yet.

April 20:
Added a lot more pictures: Ida Bakke, Emma Bakke/Ida Bakke, Nyholt, Nyhall (previously Kaia Knudsen), Nyholm, Neuchatel (previously Langanger), Moshill, Aragon, Erling Brøvig, Hild, Fernbrook, Norbryn. Also added a pic of the canvas boat Norge.
More information under: Langanger (post war), the Busen whalers, Bouvet (new whalers added), Hval whalers, Globe whalers, Pol whalers, Suderøy whalers.

April 19:
More ships added to L-list: Linea, Lofoten, Lita, Lyngen, Lynx, Lysaker,
and to the H-list: H. C. Flood,
Added pictures of: Thorshøvdi, Thorstrand, Scebeli, Solglimt, Thorshavn, Thorland, Ole Wegger, Balla, all sent to me by visitors to my website (thank you so much!!).
Finally! got around to adding more war time information under the L-ships, starting with Leikanger and all the way down. I've had so much feedback with information lately it's all I can do to keep up with all the additions in those, there's still some that I haven't gotten to - much appreciated though! Also, I still have a few more sources to check out for the ships on the L-list.

April 18:
Added pictures of: M/S Abraham, Lincoln, M/S Benjamin Franklin, M/S Granville, D/S Meteor, M/S Stirlingville under her later name Georgios M II (please note copy right on pics!), Thorshammer, M/T Thorsholm, M/S Thor I, M/T Thorshov, M/S Toronto, M/S Toledo, M/S Nyhorn (the last 3 already existed on my "Odd's Ships" page, I've just added links to them on the "Ship Pictures" page).
Minor additions to: L. A. Christensen and Lab (both on voyage destination), Labor (type of ship), Ledaal (ex names & war time managers), Leiesten (voyage when lost), Leikanger, Leiv Eriksson (voyage and cargo on both), Leiv Eriksson (ownership & post war), Lektor Garbo, Lenda (voyage & cargo), Leo,
More ships added: D/S La France, M/S Lærdal, D/S Landego, D/S Leda, Leonard Nilsen. The L- list is still incomplete, but I'll add more information to it soon.

April 17:
More information on: California Express, Helgøy.
Added a list of ships starting with S (again, list is incomplete, and no war time information, except for just a couple).

April 16:
Added lists of ships starting with M, N, O, P, Q and R, but Nortraship ships only, and no war time information sofar, except for on the Ole Jacob on the O-list, which is information sent to me by a visitor to my website.
Added some ships: D/S Gol, D/S Gudvangen.
More facts for: General Fleischer (post war info), Ariadne (from a stamp collector), the Globe and Gos whalers (year & place built), Granfoss (previous name, war time management), Grey County, Gudvor (management), the whaler Gribb (previous name), previous names for Gudvang, Gulhaug, Gun and Jern.
Removed the list of external links from the "Ships starting with A" page and placed them all on my Merchant Marine Links page.

April 15:
Added some more information to ships starting with L, starting with Lauritz Swenson.
Added more to Gaston Micard (ex names), General Fleischer, General Ruge, Gimle (place built, tonnage, previous names), D/S Hertha, T/T Honningsvaag, D/S Hundvaag (gross tonnage and previous names), Hval I etc., D/S Hydra II (Gross tonnage and place built), along with minor additions regarding the war time management of Høegh Hood, Høegh Scout, Høegh Silvercloud, Høegh Silverlight, and Høegh Silverstar.
Minor tidbits added to: Gallia (on measurement), Galtesund, Gard,
Some more ships added: Galicia, Gallus, Gann, Gerdmor, D/S Henry

April 14:
Fixed the Guestbook.
Added more information for Belmoira and Bestum (under "Note"), and some info. taken from my Ship Forum to Burgos, Bravore and Hundvåg.
Added links under Dronning Maud and Black Watch to a Norwegian website which has pictures of those ships and others.

April 13:
Corrected date sunk on Breiviken, I had July 7, typing error, should be July 4. Made corrections as to the fate of Asgerd and Føina (visitor feedback).
Added more facts under Krossfonn.
Added a picture of the Liberty ship John M. T. Finney, later renamed Christian Michelsen while in Notraship sercvice (see Ships starting with C or my Links to Pictures of Ships page).
Added 2 books (which I've just bought) to my Sources list, and links to where they can be bought.
Also added some wartime information to ships starting with L (only to a few).

April 12:
Added picture of D/S Heien, and some links to the Ship Pictures page, as well as several more links to external websites related to the text, under the ships' names on most of the ship pages. Also added more links to the table at the bottom of each page

April 10:
Pictures of Høegh Merchant and Høegh Transporter were added.
Ships starting with L has been included, but only the name of the ships and co.'s sofar, no detailed information on war time episodes.
Added some information sent to me by a visitor to my site under: Eikhaug, Bokn, Fidelio, Kongshaug, Lab, Lysland. Thank you very much!

April 9:
Picture of Høegh Silvercrest was added. Some more text under ships starting with K.
Minor additions to: Havprins, Bør, Blenheim, Kattegat (info under "Note")
Added several related links to almost all the ships pages, mostly to websites on the German raiders and also battle ships (listed under for example Filefjell, Herborg, Ketty Brøvig, Hermion, Høegh Silverdam, Hjalmar Wessel), and several other related links.

April 8:
A new Ship Forum has been added, to be used for ship related messages only. All the ship related messages from my old forum have been transferred to the new one. Also, my old forum, which I intend to use for genealogy related or other messages has a new "address", here's the new link Forum.

NOTE: It appears that my Guestbook is not working correctly, so if you've tried to send me a message from it I have not received it. Will look into it and fix the problem.

April 6:
Minor additions and modifications to Eikhaug, Else Marie, Enid, Erling Lindøe, Blenheim, Borgå, Breda, Burgos, Bør, Borgland - and more information on some of the ships on the K-list.
Added the following ships: Edna, Ek, Elsie, Ena, Eros
Added links to pictures of: Idefjord and Kristianiafjord to "Links to pictures of ships" page, and under their respective letters, as well as several links to pictures of ships on the K-list.

April 5:
Minor additions under Aino, America, Ardent, Attila, August, Beaumont, Bever, Brali, Bretagne, Cometa, Crawford Ellis, Credo, C A Larsen, Castor, Cygnus, Ciss, Evina, Falkanger, Felix, Ferngulf, Fjeld, Haalegg, Haarfagre, Hallingdal, Halse, Hektor, Herdis, Heron, Høegh Silvercrest, Høegh Silvermann, Høegh Trader, Irania, James Hawson.
Added the following ships: Brabant, Firern, Frango, Canis, Christiania and Christian Radich, and several ships to the list of ships starting with K. Not complete.

April 4:
Added a ship, D/S Gudrid to Odd's Ships, thanks to info from R. Jordan (I've been looking for it for a long time). Also added some more facts under Ships starting with I & J

April 3-2001:
Added some more details to Alf Lindeberg, Dalvangen, Hop, and more information under ships starting with I. Added picture of Alexandra Høegh. Ship Statistics page updated with two more tables listing losses 1943 and 1944 and names of new Nortraship ships for those years.

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