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from Conrad to Olava - 1942
(he died of Tuberculosis in Jan. - 1943).
Translated by Siri Lawson

I now see our youth so bright and fair - I feel as if to embrace you, and ask you to become mine for life. You were the best and most beautiful girl in my eyes whom Our Lord has created. I can see you when you came to the altar with me as the bride of my youth. Thank you then Olava for everything you have done for me through all these years, in spite of it all we have lived happily together! God is good - At this moment he only shows me the bright side of our long life together and hides the dark side from me. Oh, how proud I've been of you, Olava - maybe you haven't understood me. But if I have sinned in this my pride, then God will forgive me for the sake of Christ. And you must promise me not to grieve because I leave you. I will be fine and it will only be a short time till you will follow me, and then we will be together for all eternity, with God.


Songs written by Conrad himself were sung at his funeral.

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