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D/S Ingøy
Finnmark Fylkesrederi, Hammerfest

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Tonnage:327 gt.
Dimensions (when delivered): 130’ x 21' 6" x 10' 2"/16' 3".
Machinery: Coumpound steam engine, 250 ihp.

Delivered in March-1872 from Trondjems mek. Værksted as Kong Eystein (19) to Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskap, 303 gt., 207 net. Placed in the regularly scheduled service in Lofoten and Vesterålen in Dec. 1877. Underwent repairs and alterations at various times between 1883 and 1893, then in July and August she was on a tourist voyage with the Austrian Princesse Stephanie. Collided on Febr. 16-1894 with Præsident Christie in Svolvær. By WW I she had been in service in several different routes (Hammerfest-West Finnmark, Trondheim-Hammerfest, Hammerest-Skjervøy, Alta, Tana etc.) and had mishaps and repairs as well as additions of various kinds (collided with D/S Nidaros in Vardø harbour in heavy weather in Jan.-1913). Sold in March-1916 to Finmarkens Amtsrederi, Hammerfest ('Amt' is just an old fashioned way of saying 'Fylke'), keeping the same name. Rebuilt several times, the last time in 1923/'24 at Baklandets Støberi & Mekaniske Værksted, Trondheim, then renamed Ingø in 1926.

 WW II: 

Took part in the mobilization of Norwegian forces in Oct.-1939, and the demobilization in June-1940. Struck a mine and sank on Jan. 30-1942 off Måsøy, Finnmark (mine laid by the Russian submarine K-3, Malofeyev on Nov. 23-1941). 16 died, 7 rescued.

? Bang
? Eriksen
? Skotnes
Arild Kristiansen
Arne Olsen
Ingolf Olsen
possibly one more?

1st Mate
Trygve Andreas Møller

Olav Henry Hansen

Able Seaman
Ivar Kristoffer Løkke

Able Seaman
Kåre Arthur Nilsen

Able Seaman
Agnar Marelius Olsen

Able Seaman
Anton E. Isaksen

2nd Engineer
Jakob Otelius Johnsen

Erling Olsen Risvåg

Johan Barstad

Aldor Andreas Bech

Cook (Steward?)
Hans E. Hansen

Arne Bergithon Nøstvold

Steamship Girl
Aslaug J. E. Hendriksen

Mail Clerk
Thorleif T. H. Waaktaar

Oskar Severin Johansen

Edith Hansen

(Main source for the text on this page: "Nordenfjeldske - 1857-1985", Finn R. Hansen)

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16 Casualties
- This website says she was in service between Hammerfest, Havøysund, Honningsvåg and Porsanger at the time. There was a big explosion on board, both lifeboats were gone, and survivors had to jump overboard while the ship sank very quickly. 14 of her crew as well as the pilot and a "mailman" died, 7 were rescued by vessels that came to the scene.

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Other ships by this name: Another Ingøy was built (in Drammen) for the company in 1950, delivered in July, 433 gt, 150 passengers, 100 tons cargo, 10 cars on deck. Around Christmas time of 1955 she rescued 12 men from the English Prince Charles which had run aground near Karken. Ingøy II was sold in Nov.-1970 to Gardline Shipping, Ltd., Lowestoft and renamed Researcher. Sold again in 1974, Sidney Search Ltd., Capman Island. Sold in 1983 to South Carolina Wildlife & Marine Rescues Dept. and sunk off the coast of South Carolina, for use as artificial fishing "island". Ingøy III was built at Hyen in 1987, 120 gt, 49 passengers, 12 tons cargo. In service to Tana from Jan.-2001.

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