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M/S Atløy
Fylkesbaatane i Sogn & Fjordane, Bergen

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Børøysund, Atløy and Granvin at Nærøyfjorden in Sogn.

Source for both pictures: Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.

Tonnage: 103 gt, stell hull.
Dimensions: 87.1' x 17.9' x 9.1'
Machinery: 2cyl 2tev Bolinder 120bhp

Delivered on Oct. 31-1931 from Bergens Mek. Verksteder, Bergen as Atløy to Fylkesbaatane i Sogn & Fjordane, Bergen. Steel hull, 87.1' x 17.9' x 9.1', 103 gt, 2cyl 2tev Bolinder 120bhp, 9.5 knots, registered for 103 passengers. Used in cargo service Bergen-Vadheim-Høyanger. Painted white every summer and used in the tourist trade Flåm-Gudvangen, inner Sogn, and Bergen-Balestrand-Fjærland, and once a week in nighttime cargo service in Sognefjorden, usually with live animals - needless to say the crew had quite a job getting her cleaned up for the tourists' embarkation the next morning. In the winter of 1935/36 she was placed in regularly scheduled service to Ytre Sunnfjord-Florø, encompassing Florø-Askvoll-Dalsfjord, to Eikefjord, to Bremanger and Kalvåg, and to Måløy and Selje, then every Saturday Bulandet-Solund-Bergen-Solund-Bulandet. In the tourist traffic in inner Nordfjord (Sandane-Olden) in the summer of 1937, and Måløy-Stryn (all of Nordfjord) in the summer of 1938. Ran aground in Svelgen in heavy fog at some point, but refloated herself, no damage.

 WW II: 

When Norway was attacked on Apr. 9-1940 Atløy was in local service to Fjærland, and in the days that followed she continued with a few runs, but was then laid up at Fjærland and her crew, most of whom came from the area around Florø was sent home. Later that month the company had her moved to Nordfjord. Stayed in Sandane for a few days, then when the fighting in the south of Norway was over Atløy took some Norwegian soldiers, who had come from Voss, to Nordfjordeid, Stårheim and Måløy. At the latter place some British soldiers wanted her to take them to England, but an armed whale catcher next to her belonging to the Navy ended up going across instead. In Dec.-1940 Atløy was damaged after having run aground near Eivindvik, repaired. By 1941 she was in the Bergen-Gulen-Solund-Hyllestad route and sometimes transported groups of young men to areas where they could catch transportation to Shetland. Atløy's cook ended up joining them and later worked on a British minesweeper. Atløy continued in her route for the rest of the war, though was occasionally laid up due to shortage of fuel.


In various routes, including Bergen-Solund-Bulandet-Florø, Florø-Askvoll-Bulandet, Bergen-Dalsfjord, and cargo service to Bremanger. In 1947 she ran ashore near Gjølanger Mølle in Dalsfjorden. Ran aground in 1954 while attempting to refloat M/K Ragna, which had run aground near Årebrot north of Florø. Salvage vessel Achilles from Bergen refloated them both. In the spring of 1963 she was used in the Bergen-Fjærland route. Collided with another vessel in March that year near Fjærland, no casualties. Rebuilt later that same year, wheelhouse and saloon widened, aftership covered, new, lower funnel, a 4cyl 2tev Wichmann 240bhk installed, 10.5 knots. During her last years of service for Fylkesbaatane she was often used in the "milk run" Dalsfjord-Florø.

Sold in July 1974 to Hans Petter Ous, Ålesund and renamed Latøy. Sold in the fall of 1974 to Br. Kløvning A/S, Hareid and used for transporting workers for the building of the concrete foundation for an oil rig in Åndalsnes (certified for 180 passengers). Afterwards she was laid up at Hareid for 4 years and ended up in a bad state of repair. Sold in the fall of 1981 to A/L Atløy (Jostein Eldøy, Solund) and restored to the appearance of her Fylkesbaatane days. Quite a bit of work was done by Ankerløkken Verft, Florø in March-1984, renamed Atløy that year (as Fylkesbaatane had just sold their ferry carrying that name). Completed in June-1985, used for voyages in Sognefjord in the summertime, otherwise at the coastal museum in Florø. In use at Nordmøre during the filming of the TV series "Av måneskinn gror det ingenting" (From moonlight nothing grows) in 1986, then during the summers of 1991, '92 and '93 in tourist traffic Flåm-Gudvangen. Stiftelsen Atløys Venner (the organization Atløy's Friends) took over responsibility for the running of the vessel in the spring of 1995 while A/L Atløy is still the official owner. Reconstruction work still going on in 2000.

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M/S Atløys Venner - Pictures of this veteran, and more history (in Norwegian), as well as news of developments up until Febr.-2003. This site says that the first captain of Atløy was A. Jacobsen, who had previously been captain of the company's M/S Svanøy.

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(All details on this ship received from T. Eriksen, Norway - his sources: "Fjordabåten" by Dag Bakka Jr. 1994, "Båtene våre, -hvor ble de av?", Dag Bakka Jr. for Bergens Tidende 1984(?), and "101 Fjordabåtar, FSF 1858-2000” by Magnus Helge Torvanger 2000).

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