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Operation MB.9
Posted by: Comas (IP Logged)
Date: January 05, 2019 02:00AM

Hi all,

I need some help with British forces involved in Operation MB.9 in late November 1940 in the Mediterranean Sea.

Force A: 1 CV: Illustrious, 2 BB: Valiant and Warspite, 1 CA: York, 2 CL: Glasgow and Gloucester, 9 DD: Decoy, Griffin, Jervis, Janus, Juno, Nubian, Mohawk, Wryneck and Waterhen

Force B: 1 CV: Ark Royal, 1 BC: Renown, 2 CL: Sheffield and Despatch, 9 DD: Duncan, Encounter, Firedrake, Faulknor, Forester, Fury, Jaguar, Kelvin and Wishart.

Force C: 1 CV: Eagle, 2 BB: Malaya and Ramillies, 3 CL: Ajax, Orion and Sydney, 9 DD: ?

Force D: 1 CA: Berwick, 2 CL: Calcutta and Coventry, 4 DD: Greyhound, Vampire, Vendetta, Voyager escorting convoy MW.4: Transports Clan Ferguson, Clan Macaulay, Breconshire and Memnon.

Force F: 2 CL: Manchester and Southampton, 1 DD ? and 4 CT: Gloxinia, Salvia, Hyacinth and Peony escorting transports Clan Forbes, Clan Fraser and New Zealand Star.

If that's correct, do you know what destroyers or cruisers are not listed in each force?

Thank you very much

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