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HMS Vidette was an escort in ONS 1 but is not listed
Posted by: maccallu (IP Logged)
Date: August 01, 2018 02:19PM

On the website [] on 31 July 2018, HMS Vidette is not listed as one of the escorts on ONS 001, but considering the dates mentioned in my father, Duncan MacCallum's letter, dated 11 April 1943 to Sarah, his wife, the Vidette was in this convoy. The pertinent part of the letter reads as follows: "My Dear Sarah, It was lovely hearing your voice last night. I've never felt so lonely in my life; since ever we left I've been wearying for a 'kent" voice.
"We left on the 13' Mch and had, except for some bad weather an uneventful run out. Our worst day was the 16', Sally's birthday (his daughter Sally was 2 that day), I guess I won't forget it in a hurry. The wind was doing 100 and we were nearly hove to. The weather was very cold especially when we ran into the icebergs and miles and miles of frozen sea and no sea boot stockings, or warm scarfs and gloves. Nearing Argentia, the new American base in Newfoundland, the weather cleared up and it was glorious as we landed. On our way across there, we were given $5, all the $ they wanted to give us and as somehow I didn't consider the $ as 5/- it soon went and English money they would not take. We left Argentia, where there is absolutely nothing to see but ice and snow, on the 29', in a gale and again miles of frozen sea and arrived in St Johns next morning. We were allowed two hours ashore but we found they wouldn't look at our money either so we had a poor time. We left on the 30' that night, and began the return trip (this was HX 231 per the website dates) .
"It wasn't too bad for weather, then on the Sat, the 3', we ran into the subs. It started late Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. off and on all the time but except for loss of sleep it wasn't too bad. I'll give you details when I come home. As I said, we arrived here last night and will be in at least 10 days. The port watch go on leave today for 8 days. I was unlucky however next one is something to look forward to." Duncan goes on to say: " much to tell you that I can't write. This one is being posted in Glasgow by one of the boys but I won't risk saying too much.."

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  HMS Vidette was an escort in ONS 1 but is not listed maccallu 08/01/2018 02:19PM
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