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CONVOY ON 22 – U.K.-Norway

Left Methil on March 24-1940 and arrived Norway on the 27th.
Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's research.

Stations are not known.

This was the first convoy to be routed to the westward of the Shetlands towards the end of March-1940. The extra time required by doing so was gained by sailing earlier from Methil.

According to A. Hague, the following ships sailed in this convoy (in alphabetical order):

Finnish Anna
British Asiatic (Reykjavik)
Finnish Barösund
Norwegian Birk
Norwegian Breda
Norwegian Ek
Norwegian Eldrid
Norwegian Finse
Swedish Gallia
British Harlaw
Finnish Havnia (A. Hague has this ships as Norwegian)
Norwegian Hill
Finnish Hulda Thordén
Norwegian Iris
Norwegian Jæderen
Swedish Kalix
Norwegian Kaupanger
Norwegian Lysaker
Norwegian Maurita
Swedish P. L. Pahlsson
Norwegian Pan
British Riverton
Norwegian Roald Jarl
British Romanby
Norwegian Sarp
Norwegian Sekstant
Norwegian Standard
British Strait Fisher
Norwegian Tora Elise (see Convoy ON 21)
Norwegian Union
Norwegian Vigo
Norwegian William Blumer

A document listing all the ON convoys states that ON 22 had 5 British, 19 Norwegian, 3 Swedish, and 4 Finnish ships (8 joined from Kirkwall). 3 were detached (not for Norway).

HMS Breda's report on my page about Convoy HN 22 also has some details re ON 22. The report mentions Salmonpool and Sea Valour, which "were not getting underway and were left at anchor" (both later joined ON 23). When the convoy had taken up station, and before passing May Island, speed was set at 8 knots, but this had to be varied frequently because of the weather conditions and straggling ships. On March 26, when it became obvious that the convoy could not arrive its destination before 01:00 on the 27th, the speed was set at 5 knots so that it could arrive at daybreak. ON 22 arrived at "position E" at 05:30 on March 27. (Hill had never been able to keep station and had been left behind on the 24th).

For more information on the Norwegian ships in this convoy, see the Master Ship Index.

This document, listing escorts for all HN and ON convoys, has the names of escorts for this convoy. Aurora, Sheffield, Cairo, Breda, Escapade, Kashmir, Zulu, Kimberley, Faulknor, Tartar and Juniper are mentioned - in other words, the same escorts as for HN 22, plus one more. See also this external page (scroll down to text re Convoy ON 22 under March 24).

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