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CONVOY ON 18 – U.K.-Norway

Left Methil on March 7-1940 and arrived Norway on the 10th.
Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's research.

Stations are not known.

According to A. Hague, the following ships sailed in this convoy (in alphabetical order):

Swedish Agne
Finnish Airisto
Swedish Amsterdam
British Ashbury
Norwegian Bessheim
British Bradburn
Swedish C. A. Banck
British Dalveen
British Demeterton
Norwegian Edna
Finnish Ergo
Swedish Graculus
Swedish Gudrun
Panamanian Gunny
Norwegian Hjalmar Wesssel
Norwegian Iris
Norwegian Mari
Danish Maria Toft
Swedish Masilia
Swedish Mergus
Finnish Modesta
Swedish Mona
Norwegian Navarra
Swedish Omberg
British Pennington Court
Estonian Regulus
Swedish Rosenholm
Norwegian Røsten
British Rydal Force
Norwegian Sado
Norwegian Selbo
Norwegian Sigrid
Danish Skagen
Norwegian Snyg
British Strait Fisher
British Ulea
Swedish Utö
Norwegian Vestra
Finnish Vienti
Estonian Viiu
Swedish Visten
British Wentworth

A document listing all the ON convoys states that ON 18 had a total of 44 ships (incl. 10 joining from Kirkwall); 10 British, 13 Norwegian, 12 Swedish, 2 Danish, 4 Finnish, 2 Estonian, 1 Panamanian. 4 were detached for Scapa Flow, escorted by the destroyers Fame and Sikh.

The 10 ships joining from Kirkwall were attacked by 3 Heinkels at 13:15 on March 8-1940. No damage was done by the 2 bombs dropped. Fighter aircraft were sent to assist the escort (see also my page about Convoys attacked by aircraft).

A collision occurred between HMS Kelly (ON 18) and HMS Gurkha (HN 17). Both ships reached port.

For information on the Norwegian ships in this convoy, see the Master Ship Index.

See this document, listing escorts for all HN and ON convoys, as well as this external page (scroll down to text re Convoy ON 18 under March 7).

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