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CONVOY ON 15 – U.K.-Norway

Left Methil on Febr. 23-1940 and arrived Norway on the 27th.
Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's research.

Stations are not known.

According to A. Hague, the following ships sailed in this convoy (in alphabetical order):

Norwegian Annfinn*
Norwegian Bjerka
Norwegian Bjørkhaug
Norwegian Bjørnvik
Norwegian Bollsta
Norwegian Burgos
Norwegian Colombia (794 gt)
Finnish Delaware
Norwegian Einvik
Swedish Elgö
Swedish Frost
Norwegian Gol
Norwegian Gun
Swedish Gundborg Segrell
Finnish Inari
Danish Inger Toft**
Norwegian Jæderen
Estonian Kadri
Finnish Kemi
Estonian Keri
Norwegian Kis
Norwegian Lab
Norwegian Log
Danish Lotte
Swedish Mertainen
Norwegain Meteor
Norwegian Mira
Swedish Nordia
British North Devon
Swedish Oddevold
Finnish Oscar Midling
Estonian Pollux
Norwegian Sarp
Norwegian Sitona
Norwegian Spes
Danish Thyra
Norwegian Vestland
Finnish Wirpi
Finnish Zilos

A document listing all the ON convoys states that ON 15 had a total of 40 ships - 2 British, 20 Norwegian, 6 Swedish, 3 Danish, 6 Finnish, 3 Estonian. 1 was not for Norway and was detached en route.

* The Norwegian Annfinn is said to have hit a submerged object off Rattray Head and sank in Norwegian waters, having been hove to in a gale. She was later salvaged. Jan-Olof Hendig, Sweden has sent me a newspaper clipping about this incident (from Febr. 28-1940), which states that she collided with a U-boat, whose periscope was torn off, and which, it is claimed, may have sunk. Annfinn developed a heavy leak, but they managed to keep her afloat with the help of the pumps until they were off Holmgengrå, at which time they found it best to take to the boats, as they were standing in water up to their waists. They were in 2 boats, which were separated in the bad weather, one reaching Tangenes, while the men in the other boat were picked up by a Danish vessel and later taken to Bergen. Annfinn is said to have been still afloat and drifting northwards, and a salvage vessel has been sent out. The article states she was 950 tons and had a complement of 14. She was on a voyage from Methil to Moss with coal when the the incident took place. This ship is not included on this website, but a thread on my Ship Forum has some more information on her (several replies, see, for instance, this response).
** A. Hague lists Inger Toft as British, but I believe she was still Danish at this time.

All the Norwegian ships in this convoy, except Annfinn, are listed on this website - they can be reached via the Master Ship Index.

See this document, listing escorts for all HN and ON convoys, as well as this external page (scroll down to Febr. 23) which says that ON 15 was escorted by the destroyers Cossack, Delight, Diana, Sikh, Nubian, and Imperial upon departure Methil. Close cover was provided by light cruisers Aurora and Penelope, departing Rosyth on the 24th and anti-aircraft cruiser Calcutta, which left Sullom Voe on the 25th. Nubian made an attack on a submarine north of Kinnaird Head on Febr. 24 (58 00N 1 19W).

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