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CONVOY OA 175 - Vice Commodore's Report
Departed Southend on June 27-1940, dispersed July 1

The following Norwegian ships were in this convoy (other ships are named at the external link at the end of this page):
Audun, Boreas, Brandanger, Leikanger, Sevilla, and Topdalsfjord - all discussed on this website.

Captain B. L. Leslie's Report (S.S. Beaverbrae)
Dated July 11-1940
Received from Ron Granath, Canada - From Canadian archives


With reference to above, of which I acted as Vice Commodore, I beg to furnish you with the following particulars.

Convoy left Nore Light Vessel on 27/6/40, first ship passing at 07:00 in charge of Commodore Captain J. K. Brook, R.D. D.S.O. R.N.R., and proceeded down channel in single line ahead. After passing Lydd Light vessel at 05:16 on the 27th two columns were formed.

At 04:40 on the 28th broad front was formed of 9 columns; convoy proceed.

At 03:00 on the 29th Commodore left with portion of convoy bound for S.W. coast ports. I assumed control of convoy having one Naval vessel as escort. At 05:39 on the 29th June I altered course off the Lizard. Weather set in misty rain. Several joined convoy but I did not distinguish the numbers. Proceeded on route allotted, zig-zagging during daylight hours. Station-keeping very poor, after repeated signals to close up.

At 07:35 on the 30th June observed ship's life-boat with crew afloat. Cew taken on board Escort M. 34. At 20:50 on the same day sighted object on horizon to Westward. Reported same to escort "looked like U-boat", and gave him the true bearing. Object submerged, hoisted W.D. - "Enemy Submarine in the vicinity". Escort scouted round and returned ahead, signalled "Think it was a false alarm". Signalled him "it was no false alarm". At 23:00 the same day ceased zig-zag by light signal red green red. 23:30 vessel on the port quarter torpedoed in 48 00N 11:19W. Used emergency signal at once for 40 degrees turn until 23:56. At 24:00 altered course as previously arranged and proceeded all night. Heard depth charges being dropped, in all, about eight.

At 03:35 1st July resumed zig-zag by light signal. At daybreak found that the vessel torpedoed was the Zarian (British). At 11:50 the Amstelland (Dutch) was torpedoed right aft. Used emergency turns until 13:15, when course and zig-zag were resumed. Sent out S.O.S. and gave position as 47 42N 13 37W. Speed had been 7.5 knots; increased to 8 knots. At 22:00 darkness set in and ceased zig-zag by light signal. Dispersed Convoy by signal on steam whistle. Proceeded on route allotted; arrived in Montreal on the 10th July at 9.37 a.m. without further incident."

Signed, B. L. Leslie, Captain of S.S. Beaverbrae

Zarian had been torpedoed and damaged by U-26 (this ship was sunk 2 years later while in Convoy ON 154)
Amstelland was torpedoed and damaged by U-65.

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