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Convoy KMS 10 Cruising Order
Departed Clyde on Febr. 26-1943 and arrived Gibraltar on March 7, Bone on March 11 (Arnold Hague says 57 ships).

A 1 form and narrative of voyage were received from Robert Martin, England - His source: Public Records Office, Kew.
Robert's information has been compared to (and on the whole agrees with) a list of ships received from Don Kindell, based on Arnold Hague's own research. (Don's work, which covers "Royal & other Navies Day-by-Day in World War 2" can be viewed at this website).

Additional details have been added with the help of:
"Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two", Jürgen Rohwer
"Lloyd's War Losses", Vol 1.

Note that there was also a faster convoy, KMF 10B, which left Clyde on March 2 and arrived Algiers on the 9th.

See also Convoy MKS 10.

G = G section, O = O section, A = A section, B = B section, P = P section, N = N section, F = F section.

Br=British, Am=American Norw=Norwegian, Du=Dutch, Bel=Belgian

11 G
Wellington Court
21 G
31 N
41 N
Alcoa Pilot
51 N
61 N
71 A
Duke of Athens
81 A
Clan Murray
91 A
Saint Bernard
101 O
Fort Stikine
111 O
12 N
Houston City*
22 N
32 N
Atlantic Coast
42 N
52 N
Empire Torrent
62 N
City of Perth
72 A
82 A
92 A
Thurland Castle**
102 O
112 P
Fort Douglas
13 G
Fort Paskoyac
damaged - see Notes
23 P
33 P
Ocean Traveller
43 P
Port Saint John
53 N
Middlesex Trader
63 N
Francis Parkman
73 A
83 A
Empire Standard
damaged - see Notes
93 A
Clan Macinnes
103 O
Tristram Dalton
113 A
Ocean Courier
14 G
Fort Hudson's Hope
24 B
34 B
44 B
54 B
Fort a la Corne
64 P
74 A
84 A
Fort Norman
damaged - see Notes
94 A
104 O
John Davenport
114 A
Ocean Gallant
15 G
25 G
Empire Maiden*
35 B
45 B
Empire Sunbeam**
55 B
Fort Battle River
sunk - see Notes
65 A
Empire Flamingo
75 A
Empire Mallory
85 A
95 A
105 O
115 O
William Bradford
16 26 36 46
66 A
76 86 96 106 116
* Houston City was not present upon departure, but joined later - see March 1 in narrative below.
** Thurland Castle lost a man overboard - see March 1 in narrative
* Empire Maiden returned to Clyde - see Febr. 28 and March 1 in narrative.
** Empire Sunbeam returned to Clyde - see Febr. 27 in narrative.

Some of the ships appear to have changed stations during the voyage (March 5 and March 9 in narrative).

Some detached off Gibraltar, while 3 joined. Also, some detached for Oran, and 1 ship joined. The ships that joined are not included on this form - they were the Spanish Sidi Ifni, and the British Orkla and San Cirilo off Gibraltar, and Audun from Oran; listed as Swedish, but was this the Norwegian Audun? See also March 7 and March 9 in narrative.
Additionally, the Norwegian Bjørkhaug and Star joined on March 11 - again, see narrative for that date.

A. Hague's list agrees with what is found on the A 1 form, and also lists the ships already mentioned as joining en route, except San Cirilo and Audun - instead he has Empire Bairn, voyage from Algiers to Bone. For Orkla and Sidi Ifni he gives voyage Gibraltar to Oran (these 2 ships are not included among those detached for Oran in the Commodore's narrative for March 9).

I believe the Commodore was in Macharda, Vice Commodore in Clan Murray.

Fort Battle River, on a voyage from Liverpool for Bougie with 3000 tons of government stores, was sunk on March 6-1943 by U-410. She had a crew of 46, 6 gunners and 9 Army personnel - no casualties. 47 survivors were picked up by Empire Flamingo, others by HMCS Shediac. Fort Paskoyac was damaged in the same attack, and arrived Gibraltar in tow of Salvonia. See also March 6 in the narrative below.

Fort Norman (in station 102 at the time) was damaged by a torpedo from U-596 on March 9, and Empire Standard (in station 112 at the time) was damaged in the same attack. See also March 9 in narrative. No casualties in either ship. (Empire Standard was later bombed and sunk at Algiers harbour, March 26-1943).

Narrative of voyage:

Febr. 26:
14:10 - Weighed and proceeded
14:43 - Gale NW 5-6, squally, cloudy and clear.

Febr. 27:
08:30 - Oversay R/V. Ordered convoy to form in accordance with Form A1. About 56 ships present. Set course on ocean route.
09:15 - Escorts joined less St. Croix and Parrsborough.
12:00 - Convoy formed up (56 ships). No. 12 Houston City not present.
16:20 - HMS Burwell reported No. 45 Empire Sunbeam returning to Clyde with engine defects, 55 32N 07 39W.
16:30 - Exercised convoy in emergency turns.
Midnight - Clocks put back 1 hour to GMT. WSW 6, rough sea and heavy swell, overcast and clear.

Febr. 28:
08:00 - 39 ships in company, a number of ships from port columns absent. Requested HMCS Battleford to contact port wing escort and find out whereabouts of ships.
10:30 - No. 53 Middlesex Trader dropped astern reporting her cargo had shifted 54 59N 10 57W.
11:00 - No. 21 Spero stopped, steering gear defects in 54 56N 10 58W.
11:30 - Ships from port columns rejoined having altered course in error at 06:00. No. 25 Empire Maiden absent, lost convoy during night. 53 ships now present.
13:30 - Middlesex Trader No. 53 rejoined.
14:00 - Altered course to keep to westward of route in accordance with C.-in-C. W.A. 0946A/28.
WSW 6-4, rough to moderate sea and swell, clear cloudy weather.

March 1:
08:00 - 55 ships in company. No. 21 Spero rejoined convoy. No. 12 Houston City escorted by HMCS St. Croix joined convoy in 52 34N 12 20W.
10:36 - No. 92 Thurland Castle turned out of convoy, man overboard.
11:00 - Convoy exercised AA guns.
11:01 - HMCS St. Croix reported that No. 25 Empire Maiden had returned to Clyde (reason not known).
12:25 - No. 92 Thurland Castle rejoined convoy and reported that apprentice Stubbs had been lost overboard.
WSW to SSW 5-2, moderate to slight sea and swell, fine and clear.

March 2:
08:00 - 55 ships in company.
09:10 - HMS Burwell reported parachute possibly attached to mine 7 miles ahead of convoy; carried out emergency turn to port to clear.
09:49 - HMS Burwell reported passing mine (Burwell well out on starboard side of convoy). Carried out emergency turn to starboard and resumed course.
11:00 - Exercised convoy in altering course by sound signals.
ESE 4-5, moderate to rough sea, cloudy, visibility moderate at times.

March 3:
11:00 - 55 ships in company.
Easterly 5-3, moderate to slight sea, overcast and hazy to fine and clear.

March 4:
08:00 - 55 ships in company.
HMS Tynedale joined, 42 32N 13 38W.
10:00 - No. 101 Fort Stikine reported gunlayer accidentally shot through foot, informed Senior Officer Escort who ordered HMS Burwell to close and send doctor on board.
10:40 - Sighted enemy aircraft, identified as Focke Wulf. Aircraft circled convoy at considerable distance.
11:30 - Enemy aircraft carried out high level bombing attack on convoy. Ships of convoy and escorts opened fire with good effect and kept enemy aircraft at estimated hight of 5000 feet. Several bombs dropped, all missed, one fairly near No. 52 Empire Torrent who later reported slight damage to electrical fittings.
11:23 - 3 enemy aircraft sighted (Focke Wulf).
11:40 - Enemy carried out high level attack; no hits - 41 53N 13 34W.
11:50 - Enemy air attack (3 aircraft) - no hits.
12:05 - Enemy air attack (3 aircraft) - no hits.
12:30 - Enemy aircraft last seen retiring to Northward.
14:00 - Carried out evasive alteration to starboard.
18:10 - Ordered A.N.D. ships to stream nets, cancelled on sighting enemy aircraft, 3 Focke Wulfs. Enemy aircraft circled convoy.
18:50 - Enemy aircraft flew over convoy, no bombs seen to drop - 40 50N 13 48W.
19:09 - Enemy aircraft attacked from high level, several bombs dropped, no hits, enemy aircraft then retired to N.E.
Light Northerly airs, smooth sea, fine and clear throughout the day.
20:00 - Carried out evasive alteration to port.

March 5:
07:00 - 55 ships in company.
08:00 - Ordered No. 12 Ocean Traveller, No. 13 Fort Paskoyac, No. 14 Fort Hudson's Hope, No. 15 Fort Douglas, No. 112 Houston City (still in station 113? number missing in margin of document), Ocean Courier, No. 114 Ocean Gallant, No. 115 William Bradford to stream A.N.D., smooth sea, light Northerly airs. (Note that some of these stations do not correspond to the A1 form above, so ships may have changed stations).
11:00 - Turn convoy 180° to ensure arriving position "L" at 20:00 (? part of time missing), No. 66 Hindustan having critical speed under 8 knots.
14:30 - Turn convoy 180°, resume course.
14:35 - Received F.O.I.C. Gibraltar's 1240A/5.
16:53 - S.O.E. report enemy aircraft in sight.
17:00 - Carried out evasive alteration to starboard.
17:20 - Sighted enemy aircraft Focke Wulf, very high, well to west of convoy - 38 50N 12 40W.
17:45 - Lost sight of enemy aircraft.
21:00 - Carried out evasive alteration to port.
Light variable airs, smooth sea, fine and clear.

March 6:
04:00 - No. 65 Empire Flamingo dropped astern, steering gear defective - HMCS Shediac* standing by.
07:00 - 54 ships in company.
12:00 - Detached No. 46 Domby and No. 56 Flaminian in 37 43N 11 26W escorted by HMCS Kenogami to proceed in company to Cape St. Vincent(?) and thence independently to Lisbon.
14:25 - No. 25 Spero (listed in station 21 in A1 form) hoisted Pendant 2 and later reported that a torpedo passed from port to starboard 300 feet astern of ship.
14:25 - No. 13 Fort Paskoyac and No. 55 Fort Battle River torpedoed - 36 35N 10 20W. Wind ESE 3-4, slight to moderate sea, fine and clear.
18:00 - HMS Holcombe and HMS Calpe joined convoy 36 05N 10 00W. No. 65 Empire Flamingo rejoined convoy during night having picked up 47 survivors from No. 55 Fort Battle River.
ESE to SE 4, moderate sea, fine and clear.

* According to, this corvette, together with HMCS St Croix, had sunk a U-boat on March 4 (U-87). Follow this external link for details.

March 7:
07:00 - 51 ships in company.
12:00 - Ordered stream paravanes - 35 51N 07 06W.
16:00 - Relief escorts joined 35 50N 06 20W.
17:50 - Entered Searched Channel (Straits of Gibraltar), convoy in 4 columns.
21:15 - Detached Spero, Wellington Court, Suncrest, Fort Hudson's Hope, Thurland Castle, Harbury, Empire Flamingo to Gibraltar, on passing Carnero Point.
21:30 - 180° Europa Point 6 miles. Sidi Ifni, Orkla and San Cirilo joined convoy.
Easterly 4, slight sea, fine and clear.

March 8:
07:00 - 47 ships in company, formed broad front (10 columns), recovered paravanes.
19:00 - HMS Oakley, HMS Farndale and HMS Puckeridge joined convoy 35 40N 01 53W.
Easterly 42, moderate to slight sea, fine and clear.
Midnight - Clocks advanced 60 minutes to BST.

March 9:
05:00 - Detached Fort Stikine, Exchester, Delrio, Tristram Dalton, William Bradford and San Cirilo to Oran, in 36 00N 00 40W, and Audun joined from Oran (said to have been Swedish, but was this the Norwegian Audun?).
07:00 - 42 ships in company.
13:00 - Audun dropped astern unable to maintain convoy speed (maximum speed 6 knots). Senior Officer Escort detached trawler to escort her.
18:47 - No. 102 Fort Norman and 112 Empire Standard torpedoed 36 48N 01 11E.
NNW 3, moderate to slight sea, fine and clear.
19:00 - Ocean Traveller and Houston City requested permission to stream A.N.D. - approved, both ships streamed A.N.D.

March 10:
06:00 - Arrived off Algiers Bay.
06:30 - Convoy entered Swept Channel.
06:45 - Ordered Ocean Traveller and Houston City to recover A.N.D.
08:42 - Anchored.
13:35 - Weighed and proceeded with 17 ships in company for Bougie, Philippeville and Bone.
14:35 - Cleared Swept Channel.
15:51 - Ordered form broad front (6 columns)
NE 4, cloudy, clear weather, occasional rain squalls, moderate sea and North Easterly swell.

March 11:
04:15 - Detached Alcoa Pilot, Delane, Melampus to Bougie in 37 12N 05 10E.
12:00 - Detached Topdalsfjord, Jade, Coxwold and Port Saint John to Philippeville in 37 11N 06 42E, Norwegian Bjørkhaug and Star joined.
18:16 - Entered Bone Searched Channel. Convoy in single line ahead.
19:05 - Anchored off Bone.
Easterly 4, moderate sea, cloudy and clear.
Just as leading ships of convoy were coming to anchor, enemy aircraft attacked with bombs and torpedoes, a heavy barrage of AA fire was put up by shore defenses and ships, no casualties were suffered by ships of KMS 10.

Escorts (from Don Kindell):
Febr. 28-March 8:
Battleford, Burwell, Fort York, Kenogami, Napanee, Qualicum, Shediac, St. Croix, Wedgeport.
March 4-March 8: Tynedale.
March 6-March 8: Calpe, Holcombe.
March 8-March 11: Farndale, Oakley, Penstemon, Puckeridge, Vanoc, Verity, Vetch.

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