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CONVOY HX 221 - Page 2
Commodore Grant's Narrative of Voyage

Received from Roger Griffiths - His source: Public Records Office, Kew.

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Dec. 29-1942:
00:15 - Weighed and proceeded.
00:40 - Gate
07:40 - Position Z. Escorts HMCS Trail, Moncton and Melville.
06:10 - Ordered form convoy. Course set on ocean route.
12:00 - Convoy formed up. Visibility poor to moderate, about 38 ships present.
12:26 - Received signal from HMCS Trail reporting that following ships did not sail: Lechistan (Pol), Aruba (Du), Darien (Pan), Luculus,
Thorsholm (Nor), Leerdam (Du), Empire Puma.
ENE 6-7 rough to heavy sea, overcast, frequent misty rain, visibility poor to moderate.

Dec. 30:
04:00 - Set in fog.
12:40 - Fog clearing.
14:00 - 37 ships in company. No. 93, Mormacswan (U.S.) not present. HMCS Trail reported No. 32 Amastra did not sail.
SE to SW 4-5 rough, confused swell. Overcast with frequent rain to fine and clear.

08:00 - 37 ships in company.
10:30 - Exercised machine guns and two-pounders.
SW 8. Rough sea and swell squally, overcast and clear.
Midnight clocks advanced 60 mins.

Jan. 1-1943:
08:30 - 37 ships in company.
15:36 - No. 11 Iris reported short of bunkers, detached to Halifax under escort.
16:15 - Halifax section joined convoy in position 44 41N 61 25W. Escorts changed over.
17:20 - No. 104
Washington Express (Nor) detached for Halifax in accordance with CONNAV 1519Z/31 (received from HMCS Trail at 1954Z/1).
Mormacswan not present. West 8-7 fine and clear, rough sea.

Jan. 2:
08:30 - 40 ships in company. S.E. 3. Slight sea and swell overcast, sleet and snow, visibility poor to moderate.
20:00 - NNW 6 rough sea, overcast and clear. Occasional snow squalls.

Jan. 3:
08:00 - Passed SC 115.
08:30 - 39 ships in company. No. 32 El Mundo not present.
11:10 - El Mundo re-joined convoy and reported she lost touch during the night.
SW x W 6-5 Cloudy occasional snow flurries, rough sea.

Jan. 4:
08:00 - Tudor Prince escorted by HMS Columbine joined convoy from St. John's N.F. in 48 35N 49 15W.
09:26 - Escorts changed over in 48 42N 49 05W. Lady Rodney, Chateau Thieng and Ørnefjell (Nor) detached for St. John's under escort.
38 ships now in company.
13:55 - Received amended route from CONNAV.
14:30 - Set course to comply.
WSW 6-7 rough sea, cloudy with frequent snow flurries.
Midnight clocks advanced 60 mins.

Jan. 5:
09:00 - 38 ships in company. SE to SSW 8, heavy sea and swell, overcast with sleet and snow, visibility mainly poor.

Jan. 6:
09:00 - 18 ships in company.
09:50 - Passed R/V's for 7th and 8th to HMS Burnham for broadcasting to stragglers.
14:51 - Received altered destinations from HMS Burnham, passed to ships concerned, except Silberbeech, Fort Thompson and Israel Putnam (not present)
17:00 - 31 ships in company.
SSW to SW 8-6. Heavy sea and swell overcast, occasional snow flurries, visibility mainly moderate.

Jan. 7:
09:00 - 31 ships in company. No. 21 Fort La Montee, No. 34 Silberbeech, No. 91 Clan Alpine, No. 122 William Bradford, No. 101 City of Calcutta, No 111 Israel Putnam, No. 123 Fort Souris (not present).
12:45 - Passed R/V for 9th to HMS Burnham for broadcasting to stragglers.
15:47 - Received report from HMS Burnham that No. 81, J.H. Senior had found bombs on board. Convoy ordered to carry out a thorough search for bombs.
SW to NNW 4 overcast and clear, heavy confused swell.

Jan. 8:
08:00 - 31 ships in company.
09:48 - Received report from HMS Burnham that Fort Souris, Israel Putnam, City of Calcutta and Silverbeech had joined SC 115.
13:05 - Received report from HMS Burnham that William Bradford was well ahead under escort of HMS La Malbaie.
18:17 - Received report from HMS Burnham that ONS 158 was hove to leading 180° in position 59 40N 28 33W, which was 45 miles north of HX 221 route. I considered convoy would pass well clear of ONS 158 daylight 9th.
NW to WSW 4-9 heavy sea and swell, overcast with frequent rain, visibility moderate to good.
Midnight clocks advanced 60 mins.

Jan. 9:
06:56 - HMS Burnham ordered emergency turn to port.
06:58 - Carried out emergency turn to port to clear ONS 158 position 58 55N 29 04W.
07:24 - HMS Burnham reported all clear of ONS 158, resumed course.
08:45 - Received C. in C. W.A. 1938A/8, 1100 crossed 28°W, set course for (D) to comply.
09:00 - 30 ships in company. No. 54 Gulf of Venezuela not present.
SW 3 fine clear weather, slight sea, moderate swell.

Jan. 10:
09:00 - 30 ships in company.
12:26 - Received altered destinations from HMS Burnham, passed to ships concerned.
15:00 - Carried out evasive alterations to starboard.
ENE 3-4 cloudy and clear, slight sea moderate swell.
Midnight clocks set to GMT.

Jan. 11:
09:00 - Received orders from C. in C. W.A. to detach Eurybates, Tudor Prince, Maaskerk, El Mundo, Beaverhill, Marsdale and
Gefion to arrive Bar L.V. not later than 1200A/13.
09:45 - Above ships detached under escort in 59 33N 15 30W, to comply except
Gefion who had developed engine trouble.
10:00 - 24 ships in company.
ESE 5-7 moderate to rough sea and heavy easterly swell, overcast with frequent rain. Visibility mainly moderate.

Jan. 12:
09:00 - 24 ships in company.
09:52 - Received orders from C. in C. W.A. Loch Ewe ships to be detached at Position (N) and proceed independently to destination. Orders passed to ships concerned.
23:00 - Detached Loch Ewe ships in position (N).
SE to SW 3-6 rough sea and swell cloudy and clear.
Midnight clocks advanced 60 mins to BST.

Jan. 13:
09:00 - 20 ships in company.
11:00 - Met Local Escort HMT Aquam Ariel in North Channel.
14:00 - Parted company with convoy and proceeded to Clyde with Clyde section.
20:00 - Gate. SW 6-4 fine and clear.

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