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CONVOY HN 1 – Norway-U.K.

Left Norwegian waters on Nov. 7, and arrived Methil Nov. 10
Received from Tony Cooper, England.

A document listing all the HN convoys states that HN 1 had 6 British and 1 Polish ship, but 8 are named on the A 1 form as follows:

Thomas Walton
Sheaf Water

Hetton and Thomas Walton had been scheduled for the first Narvik-Methil Convoy.

Vina sailed from Trondhjemsfjord on Nov. 4-1939, bound for Grangemouth.

Egton (Commodore Vessel), Goodleigh and Thomas Walton were routed to Methil, Hetton, Hardingham and Sheaf Water were routed "north about".

The ships were met by escort (6th Destroyer Flotilla?) off Aspø fjord at 16:00 on Nov. 7 and proceeded an hour later. Sheaf Water was not present at that time.

By dawn on Nov. 8 the ships had straggled, but during the forenoon the majority of them had been able to rejoin, except Hardingham, which was about 5 miles astern.

Speed was set at 8 knots, but due to Vina being unable to keep her reported speed of 8 1/2 knots, the convoy seldom reached more than 6 1/2 knots. On Nov. 9, convoy speed had to be reduced to 5 1/2 knots in order to enable Vina to keep up. At 16:00 that day, she proceeded with Tartar as escort, while the main body of the convoy continued at 7 1/2 knots, dispersing off Methil at 12:15 on Nov. 10, while Vina and her escort arrived at approximately 13:15.

Depth charges were dropped at 14:00 on Nov. 8, in approximate position 60 45N 00 35E, but upon further investigation the contact was believed to be a wreck (possibly of Ventura, which had been reported sunk 45 miles southeast of Muckle Flugga on Oct. 8). Another contact was attacked in 57 00N 01 20W at 03:00 on Nov. 10, but was also later classified as "non-sub".

Some Escorts:
HMS Edinburgh (made contact just after the convoy had moved off on Nov. 7, and again at 10:15 on Nov. 8 - parted company at 18:00 on Nov. 8, when HMS Ashanti rejoined.
HMS Tartar - detached at 16:00 on Nov. 9 to escort Vina, as mentioned.
HMS Zulu and HMS Maori were met at 09:30 on Nov. 9, in 59 02N 01 50W, and escorted Hardingham and Hetton westward through Fair Island channel.
HMS Curlew - remained till 17:00 Nov. 9, at which time she proceeded to Scapa. (See also this document, listing escorts for all HN and ON convoys).

Also, the text under Nov. 7 on this external page mentions the escorts for this convoy.

(As of Jan.-1939, the 6th Destroyer Flotilla consisted of HMS Ashanti, HMS Bedouin, HMS Eskimo, HMS Mashona, HMS Matabele, HMS Punjabi, HMS Somali, HMS Tartar).

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