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CONVOY HG 65 - Page 2
Transcribed from several documents received from Tony Cooper, England
His source: Public Records Office, Kew.

Page 1 - Ships in HG 65

Summary of HMS Wellington's Report of Proceedings
Dated At Sea, June 29-1941

June 14-1941:
07:52 - Convoy HG 65 formed up into 5 columns, and escorts were stationed in day screening positions.
Escorts were: Wellington, Lady Hogarth, Spirea, Jonquil, Geranium (A/A screen in the centre) and submarine Olympus (3 cables on port beam of the Commodore's ship, Pinto.
09:50 - When in position 226° Tarifa 8 miles, the French merchant vessels Portmos, Frimaire and Pierre L-D were passed, escorted by the French destroyer Milan, steering 090° 12 knots. This was signalled to F.O.C.N.A.
10:23 - Wrotham (station 11) and Empire Brook (station 12) exchanged stations.
10:55 - When in position 360° Spartel 2 miles, the French merchant ships Kakdulima (mis-spelling of Kakoulima?) and Alice Robert were passed, escorted by an armed yacht, steering 100° at 10 knots. This information was also signalled to F.O.C.N.A.
21:30 - Escorts were stationed in night screening positions.

June 15:
06:45 - Catalina aircraft arrived to escort the convoy.
06:50 - The convoy was attacked by aircraft - see Page 1.
08:15 - Jonquil was restationed, as was Lady Hogarth at 08:25.

June 16:
13:25 - Catalina aircraft arrived to escort the convoy, but after having circled around the convoy, nothing further was seen of it after 13:40 (this aircraft should have arrived at 08:30).

June 17:
06:45 - Hawkinge (station 41) and Gothland (station 53) exchanged stations.
12:30 - Escorts' day screening positions were reorganized, as it was now considered that the convoy was out of range of Focke Wolfe aircraft.
17:30 - HMS Fortune, which it appears was to have joined the convoy by this time, had not yet shown up, so Geranium was ordered to proceed 30 miles astern to pass the following to F.O.C.N.A.: "Fortune" has not yet joined HG 65 (1710A/17 - T.O.O. 1711A/17).

June 18:
Geranium rejoined during the night, and at dawn she informed Wellington that she had been unable to pass the above signal. Since Fortune had been due to leave the convoy at 22:00 on the 17th (as per F.O.C.N.A.'s 1940B/13), it was decided to do nothing further in this matter.
19:00 - In response to a message* from F.O.C.N.A. (1413A/18) a suggestion was made to the Commodore that a large alteration of course should be made, subsequently carried out at 19:45. The Commodore set D/F watch on 352 K/cs.
23:54A - Another signal** was received from F.O.C.N.A. (2229A/18), with information that the U-boat sighting report of HG 65 was probably incorrect.

* "At 1214A/18 a German U-boat bearing 268° Class 2 made a first sighting report on 11125 K/cs. This is probably HG 65".

** "Admiralty states they consider it unlikely that this was a first sighting report of a convoy".

June 19:
06:53 - A message received from the Admiralty (1931B/18) re alterations of destinations was passed on to the Commodore, and Spirea was detailed to notify the following ships of the changes:
Ulea to Barrow
Scania to Workington
Garm to Belfast
Runa to Ardrossan
Gothland to Glasgow
Pinto to Barry Roads
18:01 - As Geranium's Asdic set had broken down and she was only able to keep listening watch, the positions of the escort screen were re-arranged.
22:02 - Amendment of route for HG 65 was passed to the Commodore (from Admiralty, 1111B/19 - 'From "R" to new position "T" 43°N 20°W thence to "Z". Rendezvous at 0700 G.M.T. 25th June in 51° 20'N 20°W').
22:05 - Geranium reported that her Asdic set had been repaired.

June 20:
22:00 - When in 41 16N 21 36W, Lady Hogarth left the convoy in order to return to Gibraltar, and escorts were again re-arranged.

June 21:
10:57 - Wellington sent a whaler with a medical officer over to Spirea to attend to a rating wounded in the air attack on the 15th.
13:09A - A message was received from C.-in-C. W.A. (1214B/21, Part 1) stating 'Detach one escort, preferably "Rumba" to rendezvous HG 65 at 1000Z/22. Estimated position 44° 17'N 020°W and transfer "Olympus" to OG 65' (T.O.O. 1310B/21 - T.O.R. 1309A/21), in reply to which Wellington signalled the following (as the convoy was much further ahead than the position given in C.-in-C.'s signal): 'Estimated position of HG 65 1000Z/22 45° 51'N 20°W. Making good 7 knots' (T.O.O. 1345A/21 - T.O.D. 1503A/21).
16:50 - Whaler was lowered to pick up the medical officer and the wounded man from Spirea.

June 22:
07:15 - When in 44 59N 20 08W, Geranium, Jonquil, Spirea and Olympus left the convoy in order to rendezvous with the Gibraltar bound Convoy OG 65 as per C.-in-C.'s orders, Wellington taking station ahead by day, astern by night. (OG 65 had departed Liverpool on June 14-1941, arrived Gibraltar on the 28th - the Greek Ellinico having been sunk by U-108 on the 25th).

June 23:
16:29 - Amendment of route passed to the Commodore (as per C.-in-C.'s 1328B/23 - copy not available).

June 24:
09:20 - Ships exchanged stations as follows:
Gothland (41) took station 11.
Empire Brook (11) took station 41
Runa (33) took station 13
Garm (22) took station 33
Belgique (43) took station 22.
10:07 - Willodale was informed that her destination had been changed to Oban.

June 25:
08:15 - When in 51 37N 19 27W, 4 Local Escort vessels joined the convoy. HMS Verity took over as Senior Officer and Wellington took A/A screening position in the centre.

"Station was well kept, and at no time during the voyage was there any straggling.

A sweep astern to a depth of 10 miles was carried out every evening by a corvette, who resumed her position astern of convoy by dark".

Signature of the Lieutenant Commander in Command is illegible.

Page 1 - Ships in HG 65

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