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DENEB and Nortraship ?
Posted by: Trygve (IP Logged)
Date: September 04, 2003 02:09AM

I have just learned that Bergenskes old DENEB is included in a list over Nortraship vessels (DENEB is the former NORDSTJERNEN from 1882, se Siris list for more info).

This strike me as odd, given that this was a coastal steamer which (as far as I know) never left Norway during ww2, and that she was sunk in Harstad as early as 20.5.40.

She was on the other hand sunk by german planes when in the process of loading british airfuel in Harstad. This as a part of an allied operation.

I thought DENEB was just one of many norwegian coastal vessels which was mobilised to do various, local transportservice by the norwegian and allied forces when Germany attacked. This activity is typical of the time between the first attack on Norway and when Germany had full control over the whole country including Finnmark.

So, is there something on DENEB I dont know which is the reason for her being a Nortraship-vessel for a couple of weeks, is it simply a mistake in the list, or what?

Also Im very interested in knowing more on DENEBs movements between 9.4.40 and 20.5.40.


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