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Posted by: Trygve (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2003 09:45AM

In Siris list there are two or more ships with the name ARCTURUS. I feel there is a mixup here and need some help to tidy it up.

ARCTURUS is a classic name of liner-owner Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen. My various sources and fleetlist on BDS has one ARCTURUS relevant for Siris list, -this was also BDS' first ship with the name (their next ARCTURUS was delivered in 1947):

12.10: delivered from Bergens Mek. Verksted, Solheimsviken, Bergen (166) as cargovessel ARCTURUS to Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen.
Steelhull 229,9’ x 35,2’ x 16’ brt:1277 / t.dwt:1850
Engine: Tripple Expansion ( BMV ) 145nhk 9,5 knop

1.12.39: torpedoed by german U-boat U 21 ( Frauenheim ) east of Peterhead, UK on voyage London-Stavanger with coal. 9 men died. 8 survived after british planes spotted their raft and called up a nearby danish vessel, who rescued them and took them to Fredrikshavn, Denmark.

Other sources says she sank after hitting a mine on the same voyage (Hocking), or that she was torpedoed by submarine on a voyage Burntisland-Trondheim (Lloyds War Losses).

BDS' own pretty thorough company history by Wilhelm Keilhau from 1955 says London-Stavanger, but doesnt specify submarine or mine, -it only says explosion. The rest of the description of the sinking is pretty accurate, so I trust it given that Keilhau probably had access to primary sources (crew?) this book being written so short after ww2.

However; the vessel that dont ring right to me, is the next ARCTURUS: This one was slightly larger and older; built either 1892 or 1897, and either 1650 or 1682 brt.
More or less from the list (homefleet-section):
"According to "The Seamen's Memorial Hall" website this ship had an all Norwegian crew when damaged in an allied aircraft attack 22.11.43 on Stad. She was taken in tow for Ålesund by a German ship, but torpedoed and sunk en route by the Norwegian submarine ULA, which did not know about the previous air attack. Norske Veritas' book "Norges, Sveriges & Danmarks handelsflåter" adds she was on a voyage from Oslo to North Norway with cargo of potatoes and other general when she was bombed and set on fire that day."

If this ship indeed was an other ARCTURUS belonging to (or managed) by BDS, -which I seriously doubt since all my specific BDS-sources dont mention her, -BDS got her after ww2 broke out.If the ship was norwegian at all, it was named ARCTURUS after 12.39 of obvious reasons.

Could this be a foreign, german-controlled ARCTURUS trading in norwegian waters?

I see Jan-Olof earlier has mentioned an estonian ARCTURUS that might fit. This one was built in 1892 in Newcastle, UK as CAIRNMORE, and was later sold to Sweden as NORD belonging to Rederi-AB Atos, Hälsingborg, Sweden, before being sold to Estonia in 1937 where she got the name ARCTURUS.
Is this our vessel?


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