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Re: Domestic or otherwise - Part 2, more B's
Posted by: Arild Engelsen (IP Logged)
Date: July 02, 2003 04:27PM

Hello again!

I can confirm that both "Bonn" and "Borgsten" was in the "homefleet". Here some additional info (Source: Skipet 3/1986 and 4/1986 + LR)
"BONN" (LCEY/1928)
She also grounded 20.03.1941 near Akerø in Oslofjord.
11.1960: It is correct that the vessel was sold to Maritime Trading, Tønsberg to be broken up, but instead she was renamed "MÅGERØ" and got a very long life. (If she was trading as "MÅGERØ" is unknown to me.
05.1961: Sold to Panamiam Oriental Steamship Corp (Wheelock, Marden & Co. Ltd., Hong Kong) Panama flag. Renamed "ANITA"
1966: Taken over by Government of Vietnam, Saigon.(Not registrated in LR)
1975: Taken over by Vietnam Ocean Shipping Co., Haiphong.
LR reported "Anita" as stranded in 12.1991.

She sunk twice in WW2. 09.1941 collided near Langeland with a vessel that is unknown to me (maybe Flemming knows). 12.1943 near Bastøy,Horten as already mentioned in Your list.
She was repaired at Akers,Oslo and put back to service in 1949.
Sold in 1957 as "URABA" (Liberia flag). From 1964 Colombia flag.
Grounded in Colombia 08.02.1966.

"BRO" (LDBB/1901)
In the "Homefleet". Mostly in service for "Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab", Trondheim during WW2. (Source "Skipet 3/1983, page 232)

"BRYNJE" (LCFP/1926)
Was certainly in the "homefleet". On voyage Rotterdam-Harstad when mined. She was raised in 07.1944 and towed to Copenhagen.
Condemned and broken up.

Was a steamer with a steamengine of 74 hp from Storvik mek.Verksted, Kristiansund. She was owned by A/S Fiske og Fraktfart (O. Hjelkrem), Kristiansund N. Fisheryno.: M-102-K.
She was under German Control from 17.07.1940.


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