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Posted by: Trygve (IP Logged)
Date: November 12, 2002 04:54PM

Not a problem:

The one you describe "inherited" the name HOMBORSUND when new in 12.56, thats why the old one was renamed HOMBORSUND 2 some months earlier ( by then probably sirculated for sale ). The new HOMBORSUND was the first ship in the fleetrenewal-programme I mentioned.

( What source are you using; my friend Leif Bjørklunds book? If so he use (2) to indicate that this was the second ship with that name the company owned... :) )


I dont think that the TRIO ( LFDI ) owned by Ds Trio ( Joh. P. Mathiesen ), Oslo, Norw ( and built by C.A.Dösebacka, Sweden in 1900 ) was torpedoed during the war. Her owner used her in a coastal cargo-line between Oslo and Arendal for many years. In 1949 the owners company changed name into Ds AS Rutland ( Joh. P. Mathiesen ), Oslo , but she kept servicing in this trade until 8.9.56; when she went aground near Grønnholmen lighthouse near Risør en route to Mandal with various goods. When Ds AS Rutland looked a replacment for TRIO soon afterwards, they found old HOMBORSUND 2 in Haugesund...

I have gone through your whole list concentrating on the smaller ships. I think this is all I can add p.t.
I found some small stuff;
NORDFJORD the link to the picture of ds ARENDAL shows the wrong ARENDAL ( II ). It was the earlier ship ( I ) that became NORDFJORD.
In the part about VINDAFJORD the vessel that rescued many of the passengers was called MARSTEIN, not MARSTEINEN.
And a sidenote to YRJAR: Br. Anda used the hull as a barge well into the 1990s. I saw here there as late as the 91 or so.

I have some info on the histories for the following ships; AALVIK, BJERK, BJØRNUNGEN, NANSEN, NORDFJORD, OSTER, RØDSKJÆL, SARDINEN, SNORRE 1, SOTRA and THORODD; but I dont think I can solve any of the war-related questions connected to them. If you still want me to post what I have ( or mail it your way ); let me know.

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