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Posted by: Trygve (IP Logged)
Date: November 12, 2002 11:52AM

Hello, Siri, and thanks for the welcome. I just stumbled over this great resource you have been putting together here. Im amazed over the wealth of information in the Merchant Fleet list.
Maybe I can contribute a little here and there.

I see you for instance wonder about BATNFJORD. It was indeed a norwegian freighter.

Different sources disagree about its early history, though. Maybe someone on here know whats correct?

First alternative:

Built: 1894 France. French owners until Hans Mikkelsen Jensen, Marstal, Denmark ( in second alternative ).

Second alternative:

Built: 1863 in Stavanger as the wooden sailingship SPES.
After that things get a bit cloudy until 1904.
1904: N. Jönnson, Limhamn, Sverige renamed JENNY
16.6.1907: In collision with danish steamferry MARIE near Masnedø. Condemned and sold "as-is".
1907: Skipsbygmester O. Hansen, Stubbekøbing, Denmark (shipbuilder) repaired by owner 74 grt
19xx: Hans Mikkelsen Jensen, Marstal, Denmark
19xx: J.Nielsen Kragenæs, Ærø, Denm.
1916: Hans Aas, Fredrikstad, Norw.
converted to motor ( bolinder 122bhk from 1914 )
1918: P/r L.A.Frøset, Steinkjerr, Norw. 1925:bankrupt
1925: Innherred Sparebank, Steinkjerr ( bank..)
1928: Johannes Kaldefos, Bergen, Norw.
1932: Johannes Kaldefos m.fl., Bergen
1933: Salomon Havn m.fl., Eikefjord
1933: Hermann Michelsen, Bergen ( renamed BERGNY, but never registered )
1935: N. Rømer, Trondheim, Norw.
1935: Ragnvald Solvåg, Bud, Norw.
1936: renamed SOLVAAG
1939: Knut Indergård, Batnfjordsøyra, Nord Møre, Norw.
194x: renamed BATNFJORD
1965: Oskar Holbakken, Stjørna, Norw.
1966: P/r Batnfjord ( Jørgen Eilertsen ), Kabelvåg, Norw.
28.11.68: capsized and sank on Stadt on her way southbound with firewood from Balsfjord. Lost stability because of much water on deck.

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