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Things not adding up..
Posted by: nilshedemark (
Date: April 27, 2010 06:09AM

I'm trying to document my grandfathers movements and escapades during ww2 based on the minimum of information he gave us and the official records at Norwegian national archives, and I'm confused..
My grandfather did not talk much about the war and what he experienced during it, but my mother says that he was torpedoed at least one time (she was told directly from grandfather about drifting in the north sea on a raft seeing fellow seamen dying), but all my records shows that this is not likely because he didn't serve on those ships when the were hit.
So to my questions and request for help:
1. Does anyone have any information about a seaman from Norway by the name of Per Johannes Antonsen, born 1922?
2. Does anyone hold any original (copied, digitized)ships member list of any kind regarding the following ships and time:
Lysaker IV, april - september 1940
Rimfakse, september - december 1940
Sama, january - december 1941
Vibran, december 1941 - july 1942
Trondheim, july 1942 - april 1943
General Fleicher, april - september 1943
Norma, september 1943 - january 1944
Havfru, january - july 1944
Storanger, august 1944 - april 1945
Solsten, august - november 1945
3. The sailings/convoys have I some controll on, but there are "holes" between serving on the different ships. Some 2-3 days and some a few months. Was this "normal" that the sailors took "vacation" or "leave" between serving like this? Or could it be that he was recovering because of the ship was hit?
4. How should I go on from here to solve my grandfathers mystery?

In addition I can mention that my grandfather was wery active in formind the Norwegian Warsailors union (Krigsseilerforeningen) and was a board member and worked there with archiveing.

I hope someone can help me here..

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  Things not adding up.. nilshedemark 04/27/2010 06:09AM

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