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Dutch MS Capadose
Posted by: Erling Skjold (IP Logged)
Date: January 11, 2002 11:36AM

I hope someone might solve this mystery!
The Dutch coaster M/S Capadose (1925/135) PDIX ex Immanuel was lost by war cause off Kirkenes 09.10.1944. She was seized by the Germans, and operated by HAPAG, Hamburg. In different sources she is stated as lost (bombed) 04.06.1944 near Alta and in July 1944 (MTB’s) near Alta. This must be incorrect as she sailed from Oslo after 22.07.1944 bound for Kirkenes as a replacement for the Dutch “Nico Hoos”. There were no air raid off Alta 04.06.1944, and the MTB’s didn’t operate so far west. She was planned to work as “Verteiler” in Kirkenes. According to Seetransportchef Norwegen, she was beached and lost after shelling 09.10.1944 in Finnmark. She is not reported as returned after the war to the Netherlands. The loss is not mentioned in KTB (war diary) Admiral Polarküste nor in the files of the HAPAG.
My theory is that she might has been shelled by Russian coastal artillery off Petsamo, and that she sailed independently.
I hope someone has more details about her loss, and was she given German signal letters?
Best regards

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