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Posted by: Siri (IP Logged)
Date: November 11, 2001 09:20AM

Can any of my Norwegian "guests" recommend some good books that might help me with my Hjemmeflåte ships?

For instance books that list the Bergenske, Nordenfjeldske, Ofotens ships etc., - Hurtigruten ships in general, with info on their history and fates (I've been looking in every Antiquarian bookstore I know of on the Internet for Dag Bakka's book on Bergenske, and also his book on the whale catchers, but have been unable to find them - wish I lived in Norway so that I could go to loppemarked or Fretex!!).. I'm not so much interested in the history of the companies and their men, as I am in the ships themselves. Also, any books with good information on other, smaller vessels that sailed in Hjemmeflåten during the war (I already own Østein's book, which has helped with quite a few).



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